Is Sourav Ganguly going to be the President of ICC?

Sourav Ganguly Interacts With Cafu At Eden Gardens: The two heroes finally met. And in the first meeting as a fan of Maradona, former national cricket captain Sourav Ganguly directly asked Brazil’s World Cup-winning captain Cafuka – ‘Who is the best, Pele or Maradona (Diego Maradona)?’

Cafu laughed upon hearing Sourav’s question. “Both of them are big,” said the interpreter through Edu. Sourav’s bouncer for Kafu did not end there. Now Sourav’s question, “Then Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi?” Kafu laughed out loud again. However, he did not keep his mouth shut on this controversial issue. He said, “Of course, Messi.” After hearing the word captain’s reply, Sourav smiled and said, “Latin America is the reason why you are looking for Messi.” Now it was Kafu’s turn to smile.

From the day he stepped foot in Kolkata, Sourav was planning to meet Kafu. But due to Sourav’s busyness, the two heroes could not meet face to face. Already not only talked with Leander Page, another star of the Indian sports world but also played football together. This morning the program was held at Adamas University in Barasat. From there straight to Eden. Sourav was sitting in the makeup van inside Eden for an ad shoot. Kafu went to the makeup van accompanied by an interpreter and chatted with Sourav.

Sourav’s question, “My 50. You are 52 But how do be so fit at this age? It would be better if you tell me your training schedule.” Most of Brazil’s ex-footballers have gained weight after retiring from the game. I have to run every day to maintain my body.” Kafu asked Sourav about the training method of cricketers. Maharaj told how the training schedule of the cricketers is fixed by the coach throughout the day. But has Kafu ever watched a game of cricket, Sourav asked the former Brazil captain. Kafu said, he saw cricket once in England.

Sourav said, as a football fan, about his passion for Brazil. “I had decided to go to the semifinals and finals of the 2014 World Cup. But during the semi-final match, India-England match got stuck. I decided to fly to Brazil when Brazil reached the final. And the India-England match was on the day of the match against Germany. I was surprised to come to the room after work and turn on the TV to watch the match. I thought I was seeing right or did my eyes get worse? It’s been a while since the match, and the result of the match is showing, Germany-4, Brazil-0! After that, I didn’t go to see the match in Brazil.” Explaining the reason for the 7-goal collapse that day, Cafu said, “The whole team had a nervous breakdown that day. Each day becomes like this.”

Apart from being a Brazil supporter, he also informed Kafu that Sourav is a fan of Maradona. Cafu was the captain of the Brazil team in 2002. Sourav said, “Wow, we have a lot in common. In 2002, I was also the captain of the national team.
In this way, the two champion sportsmen chatted inside the make-up van for about 20 minutes. The way a champion embraces each other with respect when they meet another champion, the 20 minutes of Eden that day was created around Sourav and Kafu.


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