Soumitra Khan Wants All Political Parties To Fight Together Against TMC: ‘Nandakumar’ in the model panchayat! BJP desperate to defeat Trinamool Congress in panchayat elections. As a result, MP Soumitra Khan, the party’s Rhapshya observer, is willing to tie up with any opposition party.

BJP will not make any effort to defeat Trinamool in the panchayat elections, MP of Bishnupur, Bankura, Soumitra Khan, said this after the preparation meeting of BJP’s Radha Banga zone panchayat elections in Durgapur. Bishnupur MP Soumitra Khan sat in a meeting with the MLAs and MPs of Radhbanga zone consisting of Bankura, Dui Burdwan, Birbhum, and Purulia at the BJP head office in Durgapur Ispat Nagar on Tuesday to discuss the organizational preparations for the panchayat elections. There were leaders in charge of Panchayat elections in Madhapur and BJP MLA from Durgapur West, Laxman Chandra Gharui, Purulia MLA Narhari Mahato, and other leaders. After the meeting, BJP Observer MP Soumitra Khan said, “If the BJP workers at the local level clash with the Trinamool opposition to defeat the Trinamool in the panchayat elections, we who are in the leadership will not stand in the way.” If necessary, I will ally with the Left or any other opposition party to defeat Trinamool.

On this day, one after another, Saumitra Khan attacked the Trinamool leadership. He said, “CID has taken the garland of Trinamool. CBI should be trusted. One day or another all will be caught. Saw Jayalalithaa, Mayawati of the South go to jail. Lalu is also in jail. So it can be said for sure that the Chief Minister will also go to jail.” BJP MP Soumitra Khan also said from the party program in Durgapur that they will raise their voice in the Lok Sabha elections on the side of the agitating job candidates who passed SSC. He also said, “Mamata Banerjee is giving a message to the thieves to keep their jobs and protest. If they lose their jobs, they will seek an apology for the corruption of crores of rupees.” Regarding the lottery corruption, Abhishek called Banerjee ‘brother Banerjee’ and said, “Tk 10 crore goes to his house every week. He earned three hundred rupees per ton in coal lifting in Raniganj.

Incidentally, the polling of the Nandakumar-Bahrampur cooperative society of East Medinipur was held on Sunday. Earlier, Bammanaskar was managing this association with 63 seats. Out of which, 52 seats were nominated by candidates identified as Trinamool. In 20 seat candidates identified as BJP nominated. Later, however, they withdrew all these nominations. In total 52 seats were won unopposed by Bammansk West Bengal Sambay Bachao Committee. Voting was held in the remaining 11 constituencies. All are held by the committee. After the election results, 6 winning candidates claimed to be BJP again. As a result, 63 seats of the cooperative society are vacant, and occupied by the opposition. It is being said that the Left and the BJP have joined hands and won an absolute victory. BJP wants to defeat Trinamool in the same way in the upcoming elections. This is what the informed community thinks.


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