These days, a video is going viral on the internet very fast. This viral video is from the railway station of Mumbai Digivan. In this video, a railway employee runs on the railway tracks to save a child who falls on the railway tracks from the railway platform. Many people are sharing this video and are praising this railway employee.

This video, which created the hue and cry, has also been shared by actress and Bigg Boss 8 fame Sophie Chaudhary. Videos and pictures of Sophie Chaudhary become viral as soon as they appear on social media. She is also very active on social media. While sharing this video, Sophie has described the child’s life as a superhero.

Sophie retweeted the video clip shared by ANI, writing, “Because real superheroes exist …. full of courage, kindness, and selflessness.” Along with this, he has also shared emojis with applause and folded hands. He also wrote Mayur Shelakhe with the hashtag.

Child falls due to deteriorating balance

In fact, the name of a railwayman with a child’s life is Mayur Shelkhe. Sophie has greatly appreciated this work of Mayur Shelkhe. In the viral video, it can be seen that a child with his mother is walking on the platform of a railway station in Mumbai division. Then the balance of the child deteriorates and he derails.

Saved like

His mother gets scared after seeing this. She then appears to have a train coming from behind. His mother becomes more afraid. Then, running on the Mayur railway track, pick up the child and climb on the platform. The train passes in a few seconds.


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