Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was very close to his mother. He has mentioned this many times. Sonu Sood’s death anniversary was on 13 October, on this occasion he shared an emotional post remembering his mother. Sonu Sood shared a black and white photo of the mother on her Twitter account.

Sharing the photo, she wrote in the caption, ‘October 13, 13 years old, mother. Everything is going well here. You probably would have been a little better. Miss you mother. ‘ Fans are commenting on this tweet by Sonu Sood, giving their reaction. Apart from this, while posting a photo of the mother on her Instagram account, she wrote, ’13 years ago today, on October 13, when life slipped out of my hands. Mother.

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Apart from this, Sonu Sood has started a scholarship scheme to support the IAS candidates on the death anniversary of their mother. He has given this information to the fans through Twitter. He wrote, ‘October 13, my mother has been 13 years old. She left behind a legacy of education. Today, on his anniversary, I take a pledge to support the IAS candidates with the Professor Saroj Sood Scholarship. Blessings are needed. Miss you mother. ‘ Fans are praising this noble step of Sonu Sood.



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