Bollywood actor Sonu Sood emerges as the messiah for migrant laborers and workers. Since then, he has been helping thousands of migrant laborers and workers who are unemployed and going home due to the corona virus epidemic. Now the second wave of corona virus is going on in the country. As cases of coronovirus are increasing, people are facing shortages for hospitals and medicines. 


Sonu Sood has expressed concern over this and at the same time he is also struggling to arrange beds and medicines in the hospital to help the people. Sonu said in a tweet on Monday that not only himself but his team and even the healthcare system has failed for the people. 


Health care system fail


Sonu Sood wrote in his tweet, “Today: I requested for 570 beds. I was able to arrange only 112. I requested 1477 remedisivir but only managed 18. Yes, we failed. So our The health care system also failed. ” Along with this, he also shared the tweet on his Instagram. 

Fans are appreciating the efforts


Sonu Sood wrote, “Somebody needs you somewhere.” In the comment section of this post, their fans are commenting and cheering them up and praising them for their efforts. Let us know that Sonu Sood got infected with Corona virus last week. He also gave information about this on Twitter. While he also recently took the first dose of Corona vaccine. 


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