The whole country is offering prayers to actor Sonu Sood. In the manner in which actors are providing help to every needy, not everyone is tired of praising them. Now due to Sonu Sood, the future of the country has been saved. The actor has given support to a child trapped in difficulty. They have saved the child from being bedridden.

Sonu becomes trouble maker

On social media, a user shared a picture of this child groaning in pain. The bandage is tied on the child’s leg in the photo. It was told that he had an accident. It was written seeking help from Sonu – Help Sir this boy is very poor. Its leg was broken 2 months ago. The band has been tied after collecting some money from the villagers, the doctors have said that if not for the operation, it will be handicapped. Everyone has become emotional after seeing the situation of that child. All are expressing their condolences.

But actor Sonu Sood is not just a person who shows compassion. They have done the work of providing direct help to that child. With their help, that child will no longer be bedridden. Sonu tweets for that child- soon this hero will be fit. Tomorrow this child will be admitted to the hospital. Have talked to the doctor. Now Sonu has enough to say because his tweet is his promise which is always fulfilled. Actors always give assurances of help through tweets, and everyone’s trouble is removed by sight.

Sonu gets a big award

For this reason, Sonu Sood has been awarded the prestigious SDG Special Humanitarian Award as the messiah of the poor. Prior to this, Priyanka has also received this award. In a short time, he has achieved this award through his good works. Priyanka had praised Sonu and said- Congratulations Sonu Sood, you do this. You are working for God, it affects a lot.



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