Something A Governor Should Never Do: Mediaone, Kairali Ban Should Be Decided By Journalists’ Association:  Journalist and managing director of 24 news R. Sreekanthan Nair.

Sreekanthan Nair said that the Governor’s action of asking Kairali and Media One channels to leave is not correct and the constitution ensures the freedom of journalists to cover press conferences.

He added that Governor Arif Muhammad Khan has stepped into something that a person in the position of Governor should never do and let the journalists’ association discuss the matter and take an appropriate decision.

“It is a very unfortunate incident in Kochi. Governor asked Kairali and Media One channels to go out.

Of course, freedom of speech and coverage of press conferences is given to journalists by Article 14 of the Constitution. Journalists also have the right to equality and freedom of expression.

Our position is that the Governor’s action towards these two channels and journalists is not correct. Let the journalists’ organizations discuss the matter and take an appropriate decision.

The governor can call anyone he likes for a private press conference. But excluding any channels from calling a press conference for the public is discrimination. There is no basis for that discrimination.

The infuriated governor said that the people who came from these channels are not journalists, but members of the cadre party, and he does not want to talk to them and they should go out. He was telling these channels to get out.

Arif Muhammad Khan stepped into something that a person in the governor’s position should never do. “Let the journalists’ association decide what to do when their freedom of expression and freedom of journalism is curtailed,” said Sreekanthan Nair.

A while back, while talking to the media at the Raj Bhavan, the governor asked Kairali not to talk to MediaOne channels and asked them to leave. The governor was very angry and spoke to the representatives of these two channels.

He said that Kairali and MediaOne are running a campaign against him and the cadre is not interested in talking to the media. But MediaOne and Kairali channels say that they came to report after being invited by Raj Bhavan.

Earlier, it was news that reporter TV, Kairali News, MediaOne, and Jaihind were denied access to the press conference held by the Governor at Raj Bhavan.

Journalists came to know about the ban when they reached the Raj Bhavan after hearing about the press conference. The governor called a press conference secretly, breaking the rules. Only journalists from media organizations included in the list given to the gate security officials were allowed inside.

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