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Solar Eclipse 2022: These Are The Dos And Don’ts During The Eclipse… Must Know: That is why the temples remain closed till the end of the eclipse. That is why there will be no puja in the temples from 2.28 am on October 25. During this period

Solar Eclipse: The world will witness the last solar eclipse of the year on October 25. Suryagraha coming this year has a lot of prominences. The solar eclipse will be partial.. seen in India. But this sun planet is coming on the day of Diwali which is very famous for Hindus. If not, what should you do on this day? Pay attention to what not to do. Let us know here the rules to be followed during the solar eclipse on October 25.

According to the Hindu calendar, a solar eclipse will be visible in all states on October 25 (Tuesday) in the holy month of Kartika. The eclipse will begin at 2.28 pm and peak at 4.29 pm. It will continue till 6.32 pm. That is why the temples remain closed till the end of the eclipse. That is why there will be no puja in the temples from 2.28 am on October 25. Food preparation and consumption are strictly avoided during this period. On October 25, after the holy bath, religious rituals will begin after 6.32 pm.

When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, it blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching the Earth. It is a solar eclipse. Although a solar eclipse is an astronomical event, it has a mythological and astrological connection in Indian culture.

According to Puranas, Rahu, a demon, sat between Moon and Surya in the guise of a god to obtain nectar during the churning of the ocean. While Vishnu was giving him nectar, the Sun and Moon said he was an Asura. Realizing that Rahu had tricked him into getting the nectar to gain immortality, Vishnu immediately cut off Rahu’s head. The nectar given by Vishnu had already gone from the demon’s throat. He split in two and survived. Those two parts,..the head part was called ‘Rahu’ and the body part was called ‘Ketu’. It is believed that Rahu and Ketu hold a grudge against Sun and Moon and often try to take revenge through eclipses. It is in this order that during eclipses many rules have been traditionally observed in India since ancient times.

Things to follow during a solar eclipse

1. Bathe before and after the solar eclipse. 2. Eat food at least two hours before the eclipse. 3. Meditate during a solar eclipse. Recite hymns of Shiva, Guru, and Vishnu during a solar eclipse. 4. Keep holy tulsi leaves in vessels of water to ward off bad influence. 5. Clean the house after the solar eclipse and sprinkle Ganga water around the house. It brings positivity.. protects from the evil effects of the eclipse.

What not to do during a solar eclipse

1. Avoid direct body exposure to the sun during the eclipse. 2. Avoid cooking and eating during the eclipse. 3. Don’t look at the sun with your eyes. 4. Pregnant women should not come out of the house during the eclipse. 5. Do not eat cooked food before the eclipse. Put tulsi leaves on water, rice, and other food items before the eclipse. 6. Avoid sleeping or going outside during the eclipse. 7. Keep sunlight out of your home. Cover your doors with curtains.


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