Sohini Sarkar Shares Her Experience Of Going To The Shooting Floor In Ambulance: Balancing between parallel and commercial films. Fluent on the stage of the drama. Sohini Sarkar (Sohini Sarkar) Caught before the start of ‘Marriage campaign two’. Vidisha Chatterjee in conversation.

The shooting of ‘Bivah Abhiyan 2’ is about to begin. How will this story progress?
I can’t say much. However, this time the grooms are passing through Thailand. There he is caught by the mafia and as usual, the bride goes and saves him. On the other hand, my, meaning of ‘Rajat’ (Rudranil) has undergone a radical change by falling into the realm of ‘Maya’. Leaving the science club, she now chants God like a wife and has become a believer in evil reforms. I had a lot of fun playing the character of ‘Maya’. Hope to enjoy this time too.

In terms of big screen work, you have been in Tollywood for ten years. He has done all kinds of films. There is also ‘Jhumura’, ‘Anant’. There are films like ‘Byomkesh’ or ‘Durga Sahay’ or ‘Wedding Abhiyan’. Want to work with everyone?
‘Wedding Abhiyan’ is the first to say absolutely hardcore mainstream. ‘Byomkesh’ is mainstream but there is a difference. But I enjoy making mainstream films. However, the gap between this kind of mainstream film and reality-based film has been shrinking.


But like you are considered for films like ‘Anant’, ‘Jhumura’ or ‘Vibaah Abhiyan’, Nusrat, Srabanti are not.
See, those who have called me ‘Anant’ or ‘Jhumura’, I have also given them the space that can be approached for such pictures. I don’t mind a no-makeup look, a glamorous look, or an older look. I think it has been established since the time of ‘faring’, it did not have to be established separately. After watching ‘Sharing’, and ‘Open T Bioscope’ everyone understood that Sohini can be given such a role. This time I also did the role of ‘Glamour Look’, like ‘Srikanth’. People understand that I can carry two types of looks. But I will admit, ‘Not a fairy tale, ‘Sharing’ being my first film has been very beneficial. I didn’t have to prove myself separately.


Abir in ‘Byomkesh’ Your chemistry with is great. What is the mystery?
A very nice friendship with Abida. I learned a lot about my career from Abirdar. I have become very comfortable while working. Not just me, but most people are very comfortable with Abida. There is a positive vibe. Can bend, can love. We work in a small industry, very competitive, if people like Abirda are there on the floor, it becomes easier. I want to say one more thing. The way Abirda balances her personal life and work is worth watching. The personal life of most successful people is not always happy. With support from Nandini and everyone in the house, Abirada manages to balance her busy schedules very well.


‘Agantuk’ was released on G-5 without much promotion. Having regrets? It didn’t even get the publicity that ‘Anant’ got.
Well, the film was released very unceremoniously. A ‘buzz’ was created when the poster was released in January 2020. In fact, if a picture is read for a long time, the interest surrounding the picture dies. That seems to be the case with producers or team members as well. A sense of futility is created. I mean, what happens if you don’t serve hot food?

Your performance as an ailing, elderly woman like ‘Shovarani’ in ‘Agantuk’ is one to remember! How did you master it?
I did a workshop with Benidi, it helped me a lot. There is nothing to tell them apart. I am uncomfortable to say. During the shooting, there was a matter of walking with that five kg sandbag on the leg, so the walking is slow. But before that, I had a muscle injury. My body would have collapsed. Ran got up from bed for a long time and did everything. During ‘Judgment Day, I went to shoot in an ambulance. The shooting of ‘Agantuk’ took place after that. As a result, I worked with that impossible pain. He used to come to the floor twice to give injections. That’s also a factor, an annoyance in body language, and slowness is naturally caught.


He is doing theater as well as movies. Is there any drama going on right now?
At the moment ‘Athai’ and ‘Mahabharata’ of ‘Natdha’. And the other is ‘home away from home. In fact, since 2008 when I did the serial, I have worked in various drama groups. ‘Chirkumar Sabha’, ‘Communication’ of ‘Chetna’ till 2012. Maybe there was no exposure. There was a gap in 2013-2014. In 2014 I got ‘Best Debut’ for ‘Rupkatha Nai’ and ‘Farding’. Then came a very bad time in my life. It is both financial and emotional. There is no picture. I don’t know what to do with the time. Then I worked in a play ‘Abayava’ written by Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay. The show didn’t last long. But I, Sahib (Bhattacharya) and the entire drama team used to rehearse almost every afternoon. That gave me a boost. I was not wasting my time sitting at home – a fondness was created even for the thought. At that time, being associated with theater in this way saved me. Now I understand that no matter what film I make, the drama has to go on. And I like the regular rehearsal process likes.

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