Actress Sophia Hayat remains very active on social media. His pictures are often viral on the Internet. Recently he has made a shocking disclosure. Sophia Hayat says that once during a Holi party, a man misbehaved with her. He also told that he had taught a lesson to this man who acted inappropriately at the same time.

According to media reports, Sophia said, “I was in the Holi party. Where there were many celebrities. Many people wanted to take pictures with me. Generally, I get a little protective in such situations, where there are many fans. But I had eaten some water poori in the party which had cannabis, I did not know this. They didn’t even tell me. ”

Sophia told that she was very fun because of cannabis and her guard was also drunk. The actress said, “I took photos with everyone but there was a man who put his hand in my skirt. At first I thought it could not happen, but then he did it again. This time I hit him hard in the chest and he fell on the floor. ”

Sophia says that a journalist present on the spot helped them and led them to the car and I reached my apartment safely.


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