Skill Development Center For Differently-Abled Students To Open: Minister V Sivankutty, Art Festival Gets Off To A Colorful Start: The 23rd State Special School Art Festival got off to a colorful start in Kottayam. An art festival was held at Kottayam Baker Memorial HS School Public Education and Employment Minister V. Sivankutty inaugurated. The minister said that a skill development center would be started for the skill development of differently-abled students.

The State Institute of Mentally Challenged, Thiruvananthapuram, Pangappara will be elevated as its apex institution. Committees have been formed for this purpose and the work is progressing. The government provides special packages for special schools. A package of 45 crores has been allocated this year. A special committee was appointed to decide the criteria for the package. Applications are invited for Special Package. The package will be available without delay.

All schools in the state should be made differently-abled-friendly. The government has provided for that. Schools should also be aware of this. The minister said differently-abled people have the right to live healthily and with dignity and earn income.

Thiruvanjoor Radhakrishnan MLA presided. Cooperation and Culture Minister VN Vasavan delivered the keynote address. The minister said that the arts festival for differently-abled students is given more importance than other arts festivals. Thomas Chazhikadan MP was the special guest. District Panchayat President Nirmala Jimmy, Public Education Director K. Jeevanbabu, Municipal Councilors Sinsi Parayil, Adv. Sheeja Anil, Sabu Mathew, Additional Director of Public Education MK Shine Mon, SIET-CMAT Director B. Aburaj, Deputy Director of Higher Secondary Region M. Santosh Kumar, Deputy Director of Education Subin Paul, School Principal Shibu Thomas, Vocational Higher Secondary Assistant Director Anil Kumar, Fr. Anish M. Philip also spoke.

On Thursday morning, Public Education Director K. Jeevan Babu hoisted the Kalotsava flag. The ceremony started with a welcome song by MV Vismaya, a class 5 student of Olasha Sarkar Andhavidyalaya. Ministers and people’s representatives appreciated Vismaya. Minister V. Shivankutty gave the gift.

U.P. from various districts will participate in the arts festival which will be held till Saturday. 1600 differently abled students from K to Higher Secondary level will be transferred in 8 venues of Baker Memorial School. Children who are hearing and visually impaired and have intellectual challenges will participate. The competition is in 8 individual events and 7 group events for the hearing impaired and 16 individual events in 5 categories for the visually impaired. There are 6 individual events and 3 group competitions for the mentally challenged. The Kalothsavam is organized by providing accommodation and food to the students.

Mohiniyattam, folk dance, sangha dance, simple song, sangha song, patriotic song, instrumental music, drawing, pencil, and watercolor competitions for the mentally challenged have been held so far.

On Friday, there will be competitions in Folk Dance for Hearing Impaired, Group Dance, Oppana, Mime, Folk Dance for the Visually Impaired, Patriotic Song, Mimicry, Storytelling, Mono Act, Simple Song, Poem Recitation, Instrumental Music, Painting, Cartoon, Story Writing, Classical Music, Maple Song, and Band Melam. On Saturday, there will be competitions in Thiruvathira for the hearing impaired, illustration, mono act, national anthem, verse recitation, group singing for the visually impaired, storytelling and speech.


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