Sita Expresses Happiness On Ramayan Once Again Amid Corona

Last year, the entire lockdown in the cause of Corona was imposed in the country. During this lockdown, Ramanand Sagar’s magnum opus ‘Ramayana’ was broadcast on a small screen. At the same time, the situation remains the same from Corona this year. Night curfews and weekend lockdowns have been announced in many states of the country.

In such a situation, once again, seeing this curfew and weekend lockdown, Ramayana is being broadcast on the small screen. Let me tell you, last year, after 33 years, the Ramayana was broadcast on Doordarshan National Channel.

History is repeating itself- Deepika Chikhaliya

Actress Deepika Chikhaliya Topiwala, who plays the role of Sita in the Ramayana, is reported to have once again aired on the small screen through social media. He said, “I am informing with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the Ramayana will be broadcast on the small screen once again this year.” He said, “Like last year, this year also people will be able to enjoy Ramayana and it looks as if history is repeating itself again.”

He said, this show has proved to be a big part of thousands of Indian families, not just my life. Deepika further said, share the knowledge from Ramayana, make it a part of our community and share this knowledge with the generations to come.


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