Sirf Tum

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The Episode begins offevolved with Sudha asking Suhani to strive that this aspect will now no longer show up again. Suhani guarantees her and says that she can be able to take a look at tough and becomes an excellent physician. Sudha asks did you deliver my metallic container. Suhani says I will deliver tomorrow. Sudha is going. Suhani sits to take a look at. Ranveer continues the steps and climbs up Suhani’s residence, keeping the tiffin container. Suhani involves the balcony and sees him. She shouts loudly. Sudha asks what happened? Rakesh asks why did you shout? Ranveer asks her to mention lizard got here.

Suhani says lizard is at the wall. Rakesh says open the window, it’s going to pass. Ranveer asks why she turned into now no longer selecting the call. He says I got here to go back the container and asks her to take a look at well. He says if needed, then I will speak to Dean and get greater magnificence for you. He asks her to awareness on her research and says he’ll now no longer disturb the might be physician. Suhani smiles. Sirf tum plays…..Ranveer asks her to grin usually and it consequences greater than medicine, don’t understand regardless of the ache it relieves. He says I will pass and is ready to slip. She holds his hand and asks him to be careful. He says you’re my duty and stored me.

She says you got here from here. He says sure. Suhani drops the tiffin with the aid of using mistakenly. She receives stunned and asks him to move earlier than Papa comes. Ranveer says I will deliver container. Suhani says I don’t want it. Rakesh asks what’s occurring Suhani? Suhani asks Ranveer to move fast. Ranveer climbs down the steps and is going to his friends. Rakesh involves Suhani and asks if the whole thing is fine. Suhani says sure. He says he heard some thing falling down and is going. Suhani involves the balcony and thinks he’s mad and roaming round her because the duty, thinks how she can be able to undergo him for five years.

Next day, she involves the university and thinks no greater drama from nowadays. She thinks if Papa involves understand then he’ll get her married. Meeta collides with Suhani and says sorry. She tells that a man is threatening to leap off from the terrace, if she refuses him. She says she don’t like him. Suhani remembers Ranveer journeying her residence ultimate night. She asks who’s he? Meeta says he’s bizarre man and offers his description. Suhani thinks he’s Ranveer and asks her now no longer to agree. She says Ranveer and sees a few different man at the terrace.

The man Suketu threatened to leap down if she don’t respond to him. He begins offevolved the countdown. Suhani is going there and attempts to make Suketu recognize that Meeta doesn’t like him, and he would possibly get the lady who will love him truly. Suketu says I simply want her. Suhani climbs at the railing to prevent him, and asks him to consider his dad and mom and siblings. He asks her to get down. Suhani asks him to prevent for his mother. Suketu says I simply need to listen Meeta’s sure and pushes her. Suhani is ready to fall down, however Ranveer comes there and holds her hand on the proper time. Suhani appears at him as he pulls her closer to him. Sirf tum music plays……

She receives down and asks why did you deliver Meeta here. Ranveer says in order that I can cease this drama. He asks Meeta if she loves Suketu? Meeta says no. Ranveer asks do you’ve got got any emotions for him. Meeta says never. Ranveer tells Suketu that the lady refused, so he can soar now. Suketu asks what are you saying? Suhani says how are you going to ask him to leap. Ranveer says actual guys don’t go into reverse from their phrases and asks him to leap off as he stated he’ll if meeta refuses. Suhani says Ranveer? Ranveer receives at the railing and walks closer to Suketu.

Suketu asks what are you doing? Ranveer holds his collar and says come on lover, shall we dedicate suicide. He jumps down with Suketu. Suhani shouts Ranveer and receives stunned. Meeta is stunned too. Suhani freezes. John, Raghav and Rhea deliver the mesh/internet there and preserve it for his or her secure landing. Meeta sees them falling at the internet and tells Suhani that they’re secure. She says Ranveer were given internet saved earlier than coming here. Suhani appears down and sees Ranveer at the internet. She says if he’s mad, how can he soar like this.

Meeta says they’re secure now. Suketu tells Ranveer that he might have advised him earlier than leaping down, and says he might have died of coronary heart attack. Ranveer says what approximately Meeta’s admire which turned into ruining and asks him to recognize that lady’s refusal method no. He says you could pressure her to be near, however you could’t make her with you together along with her want and asks him to offer her area and choice to agree. He asks him to mention sorry to Meeta. Suketu says sorry to Meeta. Rhea says Ranveer may be very knowledge and that’s why every person likes him. John says you’ve got got stored Suketu nowadays. Ranveer says what did I do and says nowadays hero is Suhani. He appreciates her for looking to prevent Suketu and says a large spherical of applause for her. Everyone claps for her. Suhani calls his name. She says I need to mention some thing and says don’t try this again, and don’t come to my domestic past due at night.

She says this school and training is vital to me. She says you is probably having Swag man, however I am an normal lady and asks him now no longer to return back among her and her dream. He says I even have published your phrases in my coronary heart and says I even have visible all of the traits of an excellent physician in you nowadays and asks her to visit magnificence and take a look at. He asks every person to move lower back to their classes. Meeta thank you Suhani and is going. Ranveer thinks this idler is bizarre, and thinks he took that man’s magnificence and now displaying his worrying aspect and asking me to visit magnificence.

Precap: Suhani receives stunned seeing her and Ranveer’s lovey-dovey snap shots everywhere in the university. She is going to Ranveer and attracts a go mark on his hand saying, you advised me to go mark my problems, proper? you’re my largest problem. I don’t need to end up anyone’s Ms. Zimmedari..


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