Sirf Tum

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Ansh sees Ranveer and spoils the cake. He tells Rocky to go together with cake and have fun Ranveer’s defeat. Riya is at Suhani’s domestic with cake. She is anticipating Suhani and Sudha. Dadi tells Suhani that she is so rich, however nonetheless is not able to shop for complete clothes. Riya says that’s fashion. She units the trends. Dadi says, if Suhani’s father sees you, then won’t spare you. Riya says, I even have located out everything. He won’t come domestic earlier than night. She then presents Dadi an eye pronouncing it’s her preferred actor’s watch. She were given it from the auction. Suhani and Sudha attain domestic. Riya and Ishan begin celebrating. Suhani runs to her room with tears in her eyes. Riya asks Sudha what befell to Suhani? Sudha says that she failed withinside the examination. Riya and Ishan can’t believe. Dadi says, I knew it, doctory isn’t always her thing.

Rocky brings the cake to Ranveer and scoffs him whether or not this have fun is for Ranveer pronouncing sorry to him, or him now no longer leaving the university, or some thing else. He says, regardless of the motive may also be. You can devour the cake. Ranveer slams the cake Rocky’s face and breaks a tumbler bottle at the floor. Rocky laughs pronouncing first you talked sweetly with me and stated sorry. Now will you lick the cake from my face? Ranveer selections up any other glass bottle and is set to hit Rocky’s head with it, however Ansh is available in among and prevents Ranveer. Ansh says, loosen up bhai. He is simply joking. You can inform me the motive to your frustration. Maybe I can assist you. Ranveer warns Rocky to live farfar from him else he’ll wreck his bones. Ranveer leaves together along with his buddies.

Ranveer gets a name from his mother. She informs him approximately the celebration organized via way of means of his father and says he has to wait it. He says, it’s now no longer celebration, it’s a promotional occasion via way of means of his father. He will display off of being first-rate father and I don’t like any that display off. She says, I will come to university and drag you to the celebration then. When Dada ji and others inquire from me questions, then what’s going to I say? He says, I will speak to anyone on video name. She offers him her swear. He asks what’s this? Every time you do this. She says due to the fact you concentrate that way. She maintains her burned hand down and screams a little. He asks what befell? She says her hand simply were given burned barely in kitchen at the same time as working. He tells her to expose it on video name. He exams her wound and tells her to appearance after her. She asks why do you appearance upset? He says, I am now no longer capable of satisfy duty that I took. Be stimulated from duty you took and don’t take tension. She ends the name. He says, sufficient of decency. Now he’ll ought to make his duty his stubbornness.

Suhani tallies the solutions with Ishan and Riya and she or he receives all solutions correct. She says, I don’t recognize how I failed. She hugs her medical doctor-doll. She seems on the sky and says, Mata Rani, you constantly satisfy my wishes. Why such a lot of assessments to satisfy my medical doctor dream? I need MBBS from that university best. Please satisfy my wish. Other side, Ranveer and his buddies input dean’s workplace from a window. They look for the examination papers. Dean is on foot in the direction of his workplace. Ranveer unearths the examination papers and figures out that a person exchanged the papers via way of means of converting roll numbers. He says, no person can prevent Suhani from attending this school now. Dean enters and asks what’s going on? He tells Ranveer that his skills doesn’t provide him the rights to go into his workplace like this. He gets punished. Ranveer says, I take delivery of your punishment, however see this. Suhani crowned the examination, however she become failed due to roll numbers-exchange. The dean says, there may be a procedure. Ranveer says, that is injustice. He needs that he symptoms and symptoms the papers and provide admission to Suhani. The dean asks what if I don’t do it? Ranveer says, you’re the dean, you could do anything. He selections up a trophy and says, however I even have earned those trophies and best I will wreck them. He begins offevolved breaking the trophies and picturegraph frames and blackmails the dean to sign. The dean warns him that he’s crossing his limits. Ranveer says, I won’t take part, nor permit everybody take part in sports activities competition. The dean asks him to prevent pronouncing I will sign. He symptoms and symptoms the paper and says that the corrected listing can be on observe board via way of means of day after today. Ranveer smiles.

Later, Ranveer attempts to name Suhani, however she is busy in residence work. Rakesh returns domestic. Dadi receives information approximately their neighbor’s daughter strolling away with a man from her university. She stocks that with Rakesh and says, it’s proper that Suhani failed the examination. Rakesh asks she failed? Dadi says, yes, thankfully. You inform Suhani to manipulate home tasks now. Rakesh gets a name from Ranveer. He tells that Suhani has now no longer best passed, however crowned the examination. Rakesh says it’s ok if she failed. Ranveer says, there has been roll quantity confusion, she didn’t fail. Your daughter is so gifted that this school wishes her. He asks him to inform Suhani to satisfy the dean first day after today as she has to finish a few formalities. Rakesh says, I will speak to her and disconnects the name. Suhani brings water for him and says that the dinner is equipped. He doesn’t byskip her Ranveer’s message and as an alternative says that he has talked in different schools. He asks her to get equipped early day after today, they’ll visit different schools to speak.

Next day, Ranveer is anticipating Suhani. He tells his buddies as quickly as she comes, run in the direction of the gate and unfold the crimson carpet. His buddies inform him, you informed us this so in many instances already, don’t worry, we are able to deal with it. Ranveer says it’s very overdue now. Why Miss. Zimmedari didn’t attain yet? Suhani remains at her domestic. Seeing her sad, Rakesh says, I recognize you desired admission in that university, however what are we able to do now if it didn’t happen. This new university is likewise proper. He tells her to constantly consider that skills topics extra than degree. Doorbell rings. Rakesh is going to check. It’s Ranveer. He asks approximately Suhani. Rakesh seems on.

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