Sirf Tum

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Suhani is in a classroom. Ranveer is in a window and asks her if she desires whatever. The professor says, now no longer yet, however in case you come to disturb again, then this woman will come right into a trouble. I will cancel her paper. Suhani requests Ranveer. He leaves. Ansh is likewise tracking the examination with professor. After the examination, Suhani comes out and says, thank God that Ranveer isn’t there. Just then he stops her and asks how turned into the examination? Read the questions, I will provide you with the solutions. They evaluate the questions and what she wrote as solutions. Suhani says closing query turned into approximately heart, however she couldn’t attend it.

He says, which means you’re vulnerable in heart’s matter. She appears at him confused. He says, nothing. Except 1 all of your solutions are proper. Sudha comes and asks Suhani approximately her examination. Before she solutions, Ranveer solutions that besides 1 query, all solutions have been proper. She’s going to get complete marks. Sudha says, it’s true you men left. Traffic were given cleared simply now. She thank you Ranveer announcing he fulfilled her and Suhani’s dream today. He offers credit to her for giving permission. Suhani and Sudha leave. Ansh is visible protecting an examination paper and smiling as he walks with the professor.

Riya stops Suhani and Sudha. She says she couldn’t attain in advance because of traffic. Suhani says, I additionally reached with difficulty. Sudha says, that too via way of means of using on a horse. Sudha is going on a aspect as she receives a call. Riya teases Suhani and asks who turned into that prince charming? Suhani says, it turned into Ranveer. Papa has given him my responsibility. Riya says, conventional Ranveer. She asks Riya he turned into going to get rusticated, proper? Riya says he broke record, he stated sorry to each the dean and the student.

Suhani says, he spoiled my call via way of means of tagging me as Miss. Zimmedari. She calls him, ‘awara, stupid, loafer’. He can’t deal with himself and looking to absorb my responsibility. Riya says he isn’t that bad, he’s simply different. Riya says, now no longer different, he’s simply very strange. There isn’t anyt any one else like him. Riya thinks that this isn’t the proper time to inform her that I like Ranveer. Sudha comes back. Riya says, I am wondering to throw celebration as Suhani goes to byskip the examination. Sudha says permit outcomes come first. Suhani asks Riya, you don’t ought to attend your class? She says yes, I am jogging late. Sudha and Suhani leave. Riya says, oh God, she gave such a lot of nicknames to Ranveer in 2 minutes.

Suhani is sitting in her balcony. She continues to be considering Ranveer. She says, ‘lafanga, stupid, nalayak’. Then says, he isn’t actually ‘nalayak’, he’s pretty talented. She asks herself why am I considering him? My dream goes to finish tomorrow, I have to consciousness on that. Sudha brings meals for her announcing did you overlook to consume in outcomes’ excitement?

Next day, Suhani and Sudha attain the university. Suhani is going to test the outcomes. Meanwhile, Ranveer is doing preparations for a party with flora and cake. He tells his pal to announce all and sundry that they could order something they want. He can pay for all. And later withinside the evening, he’s throwing a grand celebration. His pal tells him to as a minimum wait until the outcomes. Ranveer says, I showed the day prior to this handiest that she passed. His some other pal comes and informs him that Suhani failed the examination. Other aspect, Suhani receives greatly surprised and unhappy seeing she failed the examination. Sudha asks, what happened? You crowned proper? Suhani says, I failed. I couldn’t clean the doorway examination. Ranveer comes there and watches her from distance. Ansh smiles. Suhani says, I wrote all accurate solutions.

Ansh says, every now and then even accurate solutions aren’t assure to byskip the examination. A incorrect business enterprise can damage things. Someone else’s happiness took away your happiness. If Ranveer wasn’t so loopy in the back of you, then you definitely could have passed. Sudha consoles Suhani announcing, if now no longer here, then you’ll get admission elsewhere. Suhani says, however that is the excellent university and it turned into our dream that I look at on this university. Sudha says, no, our dream is you turning into a doctor.

College is only a direction to attain the dream. If we ought to alternate the direction, then we can, however we can attain our destination. They leave. Ranveer stands there quietly. He wonders how she failed. Ansh smiles recalling how he exchanged Suhani’s paper with a few different student’s paper to damage Ranveer’s happiness. I can’t will let you be satisfied. Seeing you in trouble is my life’s largest happiness.

Ranveer involves the dean’s workplace and says, there may be a chief trouble with the doorway examination’s outcomes. He orders a peon to deliver Suhani’s paper. The dean reminds Ranveer that it’s him who’s the dean. He takes Ranveer on a aspect and says, I realize our bonding is true, however as a minimum deliver me a few recognize in university. Ranveer says, I turned into quiet at some stage in my rustication matter, however now no longer today. The deal tells the peon to deliver Suhani’s paper and tells Ranveer to request if he desires whatever in destiny as a substitute getting into his workplace like that, else he may have to name his father again.

Ranveer’s father has ordered a present for Ranveer. He hopes Ranveer likes it. He recollects his impolite conduct with him. Mamta calls him for tea. He tells her to educate Ranveer a way to behave in public. Mamta says, I will communicate to him, however have tea for now. She gives him the cup. He pushes her hand and tea falls on her hand. She receives burned. He takes out his handkerchief and cleans his very own hand as a substitute assisting Mamta. He tells Mamta, I actually have saved a celebration for Ranveer. Tell to him to wait it and behave well. Don’t make a laugh of a own circle of relatives function. Other aspect, Ansh tells Rocky that it’s time for birthday birthday celebration as I spoiled Ranveer’s this type of large happiness. He sees the cake and writes, satisfied disappointment to Ranveer, on it. He says, Ranveer turned into going to have fun Suhani’s success, however now they’ll have fun his defeat. Ranveer continues to be thinking how Suhani failed. He tallied all of the solutions and ninety nine percentage turned into guaranteed.

Precap: Ranveer figures out that a person exchanged the examination papers via way of means of converting roll numbers. He says, nobody can forestall Suhani from coming to this university.


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