Sirf Tum

Sirf Tum 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ranveer searching at Suhani’s 1/2 of comic strip which he made. John and different pal come there and says if warden sees this, then he’ll make us run. John asks what did you spot on this woman? Ranveer says what I didn’t see in different girls, harmless face, it appears god made her with a whole lot time, and all of the songs and poetry made for her. He says he didn’t sense such closeness with a person,

apart from his mother. He says I changed into simply breathing, now commenced my existence. He says this scientific profession is my existence and you’re my lifeline. He says you’re simply in my existence. Suhani is proven in her room. Ranveer asks his buddies now no longer to the touch this portray even via way of means of mistake, else their scientific profession will give up and they’ll get admitted withinside the clinic as patients. His buddies agree and ask him to go away him, else they’ll be no person in his baraat. John tells different pal that Ranveer’s research will pass now and the woman didn’t recognize.

Sudha involves Suhani and asks her to drink haldi milk. Suhani drinks. Sudha reminisces her dream of turning into the doctor, searching at her doll and prays for her fulfillment Suhani asks her now no longer to get emotional. Sudha asks her to sleep early. Suhani says you may wake me up. Sudha says how can I sleep, it’s far our dream.

In the morning, Sudha does the aarti whilst Suhani stands. She takes the aarti. Sudha asks Mata Rani to assist Suhani. Suhani says examination will begin at eleven am, and takes Dadi’s blessings. Rakesh tells that he’ll attain the web website online and could take care of the client. Suhani takes his blessings. He asks her to make his head high. Rakesh asks Sudha to visit university with Suhani, as he has pressing work. Suhani leaves with Sudha.

Ranveer waits for Suhani to return back to university. John asks him to have food. Ranveer says he has no temper to eat, and says front take a look at is ready to start. Other pal comes there and says he were given her variety from Dean’s office. Ranveer takes the variety. Suhani is withinside the bus with Sudha and is caught withinside the traffic. Ranveer calls her and asks wherein is she, as front take a look at is ready to start in 20 mins. She asks who’re you? He says your Papa gave your duty to me. Just then he hears a person telling that he’s caught in MG street. He ends the call. Suhani tells Sudha that he’s peculiar man and tells that they shall get down and take auto.

They get down and begin walking. Ranveer is driving on his motormotorcycle to attain there. He stops his motormotorcycle and appears for her. He reveals her and calls her. Suhani and Sudha examine him. Ranveer greets Sudha and says I recognize you and tells that Uncle gave me Suhani’s duty. He says he’ll deliver clarification later and asks Suhani to return back.

Suhani tells Sudha that he’s that man. He says we could pass. He attempts to begin his motormotorcycle, however it doesn’t begin. He calls John and asks why you didn’t get petrol stuffed withinside the motormotorcycle. John says I actually have forgotten. Ranveer says I will do your operation nowadays itself. He sees the pony coming there and tells Suhani that he has an idea. He is going to the groom and congratulates him. He asks him to head and dance and deliver his horse to him for sometime. He says in case you pass overdue then not anything will happen, however if she misses her examination then her scientific front examination may be missed. He asks him to provide the pony to him for sometime.

The groom smiles and receives down to bop with the baraat. Ranveer asks Suhani to return back, to provide the examination. She asks on the pony. He asks do you’ve got got any greater option. Sudha asks her to head and says I will assist you. Suhani sits on the pony with a whole lot difficulty. He then sits at the lower back and rides the pony.

Sudha seems at them as they leave. Sirf tum plays….Ranveer asks her if she examine all of the syllabus and revised it. She says yes. They attain the university. Everyone seems on. He says I won’t permit your desires fail, you may combat and I becomes your shield. He receives down the pony and facilitates her get down. Professor asks what’s all this, this isn’t always battlefield however university. He says he has to grow to be khilji to clean the blocked street. He takes Suhani to the doorway take a look at corridor and asks her to write down examination well. Suhani thank you him. He then involves John and scolds him. John says sorry.

Ranveer asks do you understand horse driving? John says I can’t even trip the donkey. Ranveer scolds him. Other pal says he knows. Ranveer asks him to provide the pony lower back to the groom on MG street and asks John to die somehow. Ansh hears John and his pal speakme approximately Ranveer’s love and duty Suhani. He involves the professor and tells that he desires to be volunteer withinside the examination. Professor appreciates him and says each time Ranveer comes, he offers coronary heart attack. Ansh says it’s far the students’ mistake to maintain him at the bed. Ansh distributes the solution sheets and query papers to all of the students. Professor says time begins offevolved now.

Everyone begins offevolved writing. Ranveer gives water to Suhani and asks her to reply well. Professor and Ansh see him. Ranveer asks her to have sandwich and glucose water. Suhani says I don’t need anything. He insists. She takes it. Ranveer asks Suhani, how is the paper? Professor says in case you come once more then this woman will are available trouble and I will cancel her paper. Suhani receives worried.

Precap: Suhani is checking the results. Sudha says, you topped, right? Suhani says, my call isn’t always at the list. I didn’t clean the doorway examination. Ranveer receives irritated listening to this. Rocky has delivered the cake. Ranveer slams the cake on his face. Rocky says, first you talked candy with me, now are you making plans to lick the cake from my face? Ranveer is ready to interrupt a pitcher bottle on Rocky’s head while Ansh stops him.


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