Sirf Tum

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The display starts offevolved with Suhani showering flower petals on Mata Rani. She says Maa says that don’t inform God, how an awful lot huge your hassle is, however inform the troubles how an awful lot huge, your God is. She opens her eyes and tells Mata Rani that she instructed every person, together with her troubles that her Mata Rani is the best. She asks her to provide her true information and make the day.

She takes her telecellsmartphone saved there and tests the result. She then thank you Mata Rani and walks farfar from there. She involves the kitchen and calls her mom. Her mom turns smilingly and asks what’s the result? She asks if there has been any benefit of threats given to Mata Rani. She asks what’s the result? Suhani says Maa, I actually have surpassed and were given scholarship. Her mom asks why are you speakme in low tone. Suhani says Dadi. Her mom says Dadi went to temple and your Papa will come tomorrow. She asks her to attend there and is going there. Suhani comes out.

Her mom suggests her apron with Dr. Suhani Sharma written on it. Suhani receives emotional and satisfied seeing it. Her mom makes her put on it. She then places sthethoscope round her neck. She tells Suhani that dad and mom see happiness in children’s success. She says while you used to do test up of every person in childhood, every person used to name you Doctor. Suhani says this dreama is ours, now no longer simply mine. She says you question me to be satisfied continually and these days you’ve got got tears on your eyes. Her mom says it’s miles the happiness tears. She performs the music and that they dance.

Suhani receives at the desk and dances, at the same time as throwing pillows down. Ishaan comes there and switches off the track system. Her mom asks him to play the music as Suhani cleared scholarship exam. Ishaan says its ok, however Papa came. Suhani’s father Mr. Sharma offers the precise quantity to the taxi motive force and receives withinside the residence calling Sudha. He sees Ishaan reading and Suhani cleansing the residence. He calls Sudha. Ishaan comes there and greets him. Mr. Sharma asks him to be satisfied. Sudha brings water and offers to him. Suhani comes here. He beverages water after which seems at Suhani. Suhani takes her dupatta and wears it and is going to easy the TV.

Mr. Sharma tells Sudha that Suhani is grown up now and asks her to make her understand. He is going. Suhani asks how we can inform approximately scholarship? Sudha says permit him have meals, then I will inform. Mr. Sharma asks Ishaan to have meals. Ishaan says he already had it. Mr. Sharma asks him now no longer to have junk meals and asks him to turn out to be the doctor. Dadi comes there and scolds Sudha for now no longer placing butter at the paratha. Suhani asks Sudha to speak to Papa. Just then she receives a name from Rhea. Mr. Sharma asks her to reveal the name. He says you didn’t forestall speakme to her, and tells that he don’t need their daughter to analyze terrible matters from such wealthy girls.

Dadi asks him to have meals. He says he had enough. Sudha is going to Mr. Sharma and says I need to speak to you. Mr. Sharma receives a name from his boss, who asks him to deliver the file. Mr. Rakesh Sharma says ok, I will deliver and tells Sudha that he’s going to communicate to her withinside the evening.

While he’s leaving, he asks for the file. Sudha says she has saved it withinside the drawer. He takes it and is going. Suhani calls him. Dadi says don’t name him at the same time as he’s leaving. He is going out and attempts to begin the bike. Two men sitting there, involves him. Suhani comes out strolling and her dupatta falls down. The men stare at Suhani and gives to assist Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma symptoms and symptoms Suhani to head internal.

Suhani runs withinside the residence and takes her dupatta from floor. Mr. Sharma scolds the men and is derived withinside the residence. Suhani hides in the back of Sudha. Mr. Sharma asks didn’t I inform you, now no longer to pop out of residence, terrible men are status outside. Dadi name callings Sudha and Suhani. She then asks Suhani why did she move out? Suhani says Papa changed into taking incorrect file. Mr. Sharma tests the file. Dadi says you will have instructed Ishaan or me, and asks why did you move. He asks her to provide file. He takes it and tells that he’s going to now no longer undergo such drama again.

Suhani receives sad. Sudha takes her to room and makes her sit. Suhani says Papa were given angry, simply as men noticed me. She says do you observed that Papa will permit me take a look at in co-ed university, he made me studied in woman’s faculty and university. Sudha says even she is terrified of him. Suhani tells that these days is the final day to get the form. They enhance every other’s electricity and says I idea of some thing to get your form. She asks Dadi if she will be able to visit marketplace to shop for peda stuff. Dadi says ok. Suhani and Sudha come to the university.

A current woman Rhea receives down from her automobile and congrats Suhani for buying the scholarship. She hugs Sudha and asks her to make her consume peda. Sudha says I am going to get elements for it. Suhani says you’re my pal and hugging my mom. Rhea asks her to deliver pedas to university. She says shall we move internal. Suhani waves bye to her mom. Suhani walks withinside the campus with Rhea and appears on the budding painters competing withinside the portray competition. She then sees the university boys gambling sports activities at the same time as others dancing. The assertion is made for the soccer fit and the trophy is proven. He says group legend captain Ansh is coming. Suhani asks university is filmy. She asks in which is his unique a person. Rhea says she can be able to make her meet him.

The host pronounces Team Victory’s caption and university topper will welcome the leader visitor with Ansh. Ranveer is exercising. Rhea smiles listening to Ranveer’s call and asks Suhani to visit admission counter. Suhani says I don’t realize in which is it? Rhea tells the course and says I will meet my unique a person after which will meet you. Suhani is going internal and touches the floor. The host tells that Ranveer isn’t here, however his besties would possibly realize. The pals inform that they don’t realize Ranveer. Rhea comes there. They ask him, in which is Ranveer. She calls her pal Palak and asks in which is he? Palak says she is maintaining eye on him. Ranveer is proven doing stunts at the terrace railing.

Rhea makes video name and sees him on terrace. Palak says she is aware of that he’s doing this stunt for the awareness earlier than the soccer fit, and says she will be able to deliver him true good fortune kiss. His eyes are closed and he opens listening to her. He jumps from above her head and steps at the terrace. He seems at her angrily. Suhani enters the university. Ranveer holds Palak’s hand and takes her downstairs. Suhani is on foot there.

Precap: Ranveer tells Palak that he does something is available in his coronary heart and asks her to kiss him now, every person is asking at them. Palak asks him to go away her and is going from there. She runs and collides with Suhani. Suhani is set to collapse the stairs, while Ranveer holds her palms and some thing falls on his shirt.


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