Sinquefield Cup: Games and results

Sinquefield Cup 2022: World No. 4 Alireza Firouzja secured triumph in the 2022 Sinquefield Cup in the wake of overcoming Ian Nepomniachtchi 1.5-0.5 in a fast season finisher for the title, procuring an extra $10,000 notwithstanding his $87,500 in front of the pack prize.

With his outcome in the Sinquefield Cup, Firouzja likewise arose as the general champ of the 2022 Thousand Chess Visit, bringing back home a $100,000 reward prize. Completing second in the GCT was Wesley Thus, who procured a reward of $50,000, while Maxime Vachier-Lagrave put third in the general standings.

Hans Niemann Magnus Carlsen

Firouzja’s electrifying exhibition follows his great success in the Holy person Louis Quick and Barrage held late in August. “As a general rule, the Stupendous Chess Visit is the hardest visit throughout the entire existence of chess I think, so to win it is an astonishing inclination and I can’t be more cheerful,” expressed Firouzja in the wake of protecting visit triumph with a draw against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the present last round.

9/11/2022 – The Sinquefield Cup is occurring on September 2-12 at the Holy person Louis Chess Club. Magnus Carlsen heads an elegant field, which incorporates eight ‘visit regulars’. The regulars are battling for an extra $175,000 in prize cash saved for the three highest-level players of the series. | Follow the games live with master editorial beginning at 20.00 CEST (14.00 ET, 23.30 IST)


VACHIER-LAGRAVE – FIROUZJA | ½-½, 33 actions

Firouzja’s last-round game was genuinely uninteresting, as Vachier-Lagrave basically constrained a coax out of the opening in a 5.Re1 Berlin. Firouzja realized his hypothesis well and the players exchanged down into a dead-drawn single rook finishing. Because of this draw, Firouzja had the option to secure first in the generally GCT standings, with the Sinquefield Cup still a lot of uncertainty in light of the consequences of the rounds of Nepomniachtchi thus.

NEPOMNIACHTCHI – NIEMANN | ½-½, 54 actions

After Firouzja’s speedy draw, Nepomniachtchi had a chance to win the competition by and large with a triumph over Niemann, who had been battling over the last couple of rounds. A fairly uncommon line in the English left Nepo with a greatly improved structure in the final plan and apparently good commonsense possibilities with a knight against the cleric. Yet, notwithstanding out-moving Niemann and developing a definitive benefit, Nepomniachtchi fairly mysteriously dismissed a conspicuous catch of a pawn, selecting to keep moving his pieces around. This allowed Hans an opportunity to unite his situation and a couple of moves later Nepo bungled into a triple reiteration.

As the last objective to be important for each Fantastic Chess Visit, The Sinquefield Cup keeps on being a fundamental component of the GCT circuit. Supported by the Holy person Louis Chess Club yearly in America’s chess capital of Holy person Louis, MO the Sinquefield Cup proceeds with the custom of old-style arrangements will finish up the 2022 Thousand Chess Visit. As the closure visit stop, this will be the last and open door for contenders to procure guides for an opportunity to be delegated hero of the whole Great Chess Visit.

The Sinquefield Cup Opening Function will be hung on September first from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at World’s Fair Structure (1904 Concourse Drive St. Louis, MO 63110) in Timberland Park and will be available to the general population. Tickets are $25 per individual. Free valet. Find out more and buy your tickets here.

Live observers won’t be permitted in the competition corridor to watch the everyday adjustments except fans can observe all the activity on the web or watch the transmission streaming inhabit the Holy person Louis Chess Club.

Season finisher

As the last objective to be important for each Fabulous Chess Visit since its most memorable release in 2015, the Sinquefield Cup keeps on being a fundamental component of the GCT circuit.

The last stop on the current year’s visit highlights eight full visit players and two trump cards. An extra $175,000 will be granted to the three highest-level players in the visit standings ($100k, $50k, and $25k for first, second and third, separately). In the event of a tie for the lead position in the general standings, a GCT season finisher will happen on September 12.

The players get an hour and a half for 40 maneuvers, trailed by 30 minutes to the furthest limit of the game, in addition to a 30-second addition beginning from move one.




Sept 1

6:00 PM

Opening Ceremony

Sept 2

1:00 PM

Round 1

Sept 3

1:00 PM

Round 2

Sept 4

1:00 PM

Round 3

Sept 5

1:00 PM

Round 4

Sept 6

1:00 PM

Round 5

Sept 7

Rest Day

Sept 8

1:00 PM

Round 6

Sept 9

1:00 PM

Round 7

Sept 10

1:00 PM

Round 8

Sept 11

1:00 PM

Round 9

6:30 PM

Playoffs (If Necessary)

Sept 12

1:00 PM

 GCT Playoff

6:00 PM

 Closing Ceremony

Sept 14

 Player Departure



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