Bollywood singer, Composer Shaan recently tweeted a tweet about the rising prices of petrol and diesel in the country. After Shaan’s tweet, social media users have started trolling him. During this, a user said something to Shan, to which the actor has fiercely imposed the class of the user while replying.

Actually, one user while replying to Shaan’s petrol and diesel price tweet wrote that Shaan focus on your singing skills, which you have lost and do not try to interfere in the matter which you do not understand. .

Replying to the user, Shan has written that can anyone explain me? May I ask you how much you understand about music that you are telling me that I have lost my singing skills? After this tweet of Shaan, his fans are constantly tweeting supporting him and calling troller good.

Know what Shan wrote about the petrol price

Shan recently asked an important question about Petro Price. He wrote that why the government does not bring GST on petrol? Why is such a huge tax being applied on petrol? There is a worthy answer. Please someone help me explain this. Shaan’s tweet went viral on social media.

It should be known that the burden of inflation on the common man is increasing these days. The prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. In all metro cities of the country, the price of petrol and diesel has gone at an all-time high price. People are upset with the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Whether it is a common man or a Bollywood celebrity, everyone is worrying about when we will get relief from the rising prices of petrol and diesel.


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