Will Manoj Bajpayee make a film based on Vikas Dubey? The actor replied

Silence… Can You Hear It? Review: Every day, one of the common incidents that are happening in some corner of the world in a few minutes-hours, is murder. Most of these are in the fight and fights of chance-a-crime but some are behind envy and conspiracies. The police are tempted to solve their mystery and many times there are exciting stories in them. Which are put on the screen to surprise the audience.

The hero of this film says, ‘Death is also an entertainment.’ There are some formulas for stories of mysterious murders, the most current of which is: the one who suspects the least, the murderer comes out in the end! Is this the case in ‘Silence … Can You Hear It’ released on G5? You will know this by watching the film.

The good thing about Silence… is that the writer-director may have made it with the current spices but kept the balance. Noise, noise, needless running, banging background music, a sprinkling of provocative scenes is not here. Lust, wealth, corporate rivalry are also not the cause of murder here.

The plot is simple – a beautiful young lady Pooja Chaudhary (Barkha Singh) comes to her friend’s house at night. Saheli has gone to Pune. Saheli’s leader is husband Ravi Khanna (Arjun Mathur). Pooja wants to give a surprise to Saheli and says that she will stay here at night and Poona will leave in the morning. Ravi Khanna gets out of work by saying Pooja in the morning and the murder of Pooja is done in the house. But the corpse meets a mountainous trekking site. Why did the murder happen, who did it and how did the corpse reach the trekking site from home. There is no witness to this whole accident. All the story revolves around these questions. The investigation of the murder is handed over to Mumbai Police ACP Avinash Verma (Manoj Bajpayee). While giving the work to him, the commissioner says to him, ‘Result is what we want. The way you want.

Silence moves at a slow pace. His goal is clear, to find the killer. In the story, Ramu Kaka type servant Dadu in Ravi Khanna’s house, Pooja’s retired judge father and mother, his friend’s son Rishabh and his fiancée, who live in his house, fell into a coma from the stairs and went into a coma even in Ravi Khanna’s wife Kavita Huh. Although the story repeatedly points to Ravi Khanna being a criminal, but you know from your film experience that he would not have committed murder. Therefore, the eyes are fixed on everything else. In the middle, a bouncer who comes to Ravi Khanna’s house and who throws the corpse also comes. Both fit their respective places in the story.

Silence … is a story completely tied to Manoj Bajpayee’s performance. He has recently received a National Award and in this film he again proves himself brilliant. When he is on the screen, the eyes are fixed on him only. Certainly, he has got the support of fellow artists in maintaining the atmosphere. There is a twist here when it seems that romance between ACP Verma and his junior Sanjana Bhatia (Prachi Desai) could flourish, but the writer-director beautifully saved the accident. However, he could not leave the fascination of some police-formulas. For example, seniors remain angry with the way the competent ACP works. In between, trying to evict him from the case or get him evicted, ACP’s disintegrated family life. Here the beautiful house racks of ACP are adorned with bottles of liquor and the mother keeps calling from time to time to worry about the son.

Silence … despite being a little loose in the middle. Before the last half an hour, the way the director gathers all the characters under one roof, it seems that now there will be a drama and some rajad raj will open, but it does not happen. There is no drama in the thriller. Aban Bharucha Deohans came into the limelight in 2015 with the short film Tspun. In that film, he made the sound of the spoon the basis of the story, while here he elaborates on the murder of the empty house in silence. If you are not uncomfortable with simple stories, then the film is worth watching once and does not disappoint.


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