Signs Of Death: These Are The Signs Seen At The Moment Of Death? It Will Be Known Two Weeks Before, Shocking Things: Birth..death..both are part of life..death is the bitter truth of life..everyone has to accept it. So far no one can clearly say when and how a person dies.

“He who is born must die. He who dies must not be born. It is not necessary to mourn over this inevitable matter. Actually, birth..death..both are part of life..death is the bitter truth of life..everyone has to accept it. So far no one can clearly say when and how a person dies. Now a new study has revealed surprising facts about death signals. Scientists have found in their research that before death comes, not one but many signs of death start coming. Many people involved in the medical field understand these signs.. while others dismiss them. Usually, many people do not know the signs of death. When their loved ones die suddenly, they are overwhelmed with grief. However, research has shown that signs of death appear a few days before death.

These are the signs before death.

According to the Daily Mirror website, UK-based company Web, MD identified the signs of death after extensive research. It begins to appear in the human body before death. According to this research. As someone approaches death his food and drink decrease. The person starts talking less than before. At the same time, children who are heading toward death at a young age may start talking and eating more. These unusual symptoms are a sign that something bad is going to happen in the future.

Signs from 2 weeks before death.

According to the report.. Death symptoms become more apparent when one is 1-2 weeks away from death. In this stage, the person is tired and lifeless all the time. He looks very weak. He dare not leave the bed even if he wanted to. His sleep-wake pattern also changes. At this time, the hunger and thirst of those who are close to death are greatly reduced. Changes in his heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing pattern are seen.

Change in excrement before death

The research states that when the death remains for 3-4 days (signs of death) the person’s mental state and activities change. And when death is near it is possible to forget about oneself. He certainly cannot respond to what people ask. Also cannot speak clearly about many things. As the time of his death approaches, the skin on his hands, feet, and knees may turn bluish-purple. Urination and bowel movements may stop. Or they can stop themselves. Their body temperature may drop. They start having trouble breathing. At such a time, it is good for close relatives to approach them and pray for them.. and work for their health, scientists said.


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