Siddique Is A Person Who Is Liked By Many People, But He Will Still Go There And Hang His Head, I Feel Sad – Lal: Siddique-Lal was a remarkable director duo in Malayalam cinema. Siddique and Lal, who became notable mime actors through the Cochin Kala Bhavan, later became the Siddique-Lal partnership.

Ramjirao Speaking was released in 1989 and was the first film produced by the duo. Noted for their distinct style of directing, the duo parted ways after making several films that created a stir at the box office.

While Siddique continued in the field of screenwriting and directing, Lal was active in various fields such as acting, production, and distribution.

Lal talks about some of Siddique’s weaknesses and his best qualities. In an interview given by both of them to Manorama News, both of them talk about their collaboration and films.

Working together, both of them will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Their answer was to the question of what is the strength and weaknesses of each of them.

Siddiqui replied that his strength is patience and his weakness is that he blindly trusts many people.

My strength seems to be patience. Everyone says that he is very patient. I don’t know how time passes. I don’t know how long I sat there, how many days I sat there. Siddique said that if a problem stuck in his mind, he would not be at peace until he got an answer to it.


Lal replied that he thought it was good for Siddique, but he was not. When it comes to writing, Siddique sometimes takes five to six days to write a scene. Or sometimes for a month. So it’s been good. But I’m not like that. I don’t have much patience.

And if we talk about Siddique’s weakness, Siddique is a person who is liked by many people, but still, he will go there and keep his head. I have felt terribly sad. When asked why this is, he said no problem, we will look into it and left again. Even if he gets hit there, he will go again. It makes me terribly sad to see this continue. Lal said, “I feel that he is not intelligent.”

Siddique replied that he trusts everyone and that is his weakness. My wife herself asks me. If you know what they are saying is a lie, then why did you pay the money? So I would say I set a target for them. I knew he would stick me up to Rs 1 lakh. Now he asked for 25000 rupees. So 75000 rupees is not a profit for us. She laughs when she hears this. I am here to do business. I tend to believe people when they say things quickly. Siddique said.


Lal’s reply was that he is a person who does things with smart people and tries to trust them.

I get angry when someone blames me for them. If someone says he’s making money with you, I’ll get mad at them. The moment I know for sure that he’s got me, I’ll cut them off. Siddique is also terrible at that. If he cuts some people from life, then he will not look at whether it is fair or not. So some have been cut. I met them later. Siddique is very strong in that regard, Lal said.



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