This time there are contestants in the show of Bigg Boss 14, but by bringing a twist in it, this time three seniors have also been entered. These three seniors are Siddharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan. While on one side there are fighting fights of contestants on the show, on the other hand, seniors have also been seen fighting each other. Especially Siddharth and Gauhar have been debated once or twice. A similar thing was seen in Friday’s episode where Siddharth was seen to be taunting Gauhar. 

Siddharth taunted Gauhar and said that he has not got work since Bigg Boss season 7, due to which he has been called again here. Gauhar also says that Siddharth would know how much work he had during this time. How can one drown so much in ego after winning their season. 

By the way, let us tell Siddharth to tease Gauhar. The next day, in the morning, Siddharth hugs Gauhar and says that he only said those things in jokes. There was no intention to hurt him. However, Gauhar also did not take Siddhartha’s words seriously. She says that she knows that Siddharth had said all this jokingly. 

Come on, it was a matter of joke and understanding between them, but both of them have also witnessed a dispute inside the house. While Gauhar tries to give the task to the freshers and there is no fight between them, Siddharth wants the freshers to handle everything on their own. Apart from this issue, there has been conflict between both of them to complete the task.


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