Shweta Shares Her Experience, The Police Station’s Wall Was Demolished By A Walker, Unbeknownst To The Father: Actress Shweta Menon is the favorite star of Malayalees. The actor who made his debut in Malayalam cinema at the age of 15 is still active in the film industry.

Shweta says that it was her father’s wish to enroll her in the Air Force and for that she wrote the exams but before that she reached the film world. The actor is talking about his childhood, school life, and some mischief of those days while participating in the Flowers Rokro program.

Shweta Menon talks about how she took her father’s bike without anyone knowing when she was in class 10 and crashed the bike into the wall of the police station.


“I was a tomboy when I was in school. Children used to be hit and hit back. Many have been pushed down. I’ve been knocked down too. If you want to say I was a hooligan. My method was to cry as soon as I got some complaints home.

I still remember. There is a boy in my class Vijith. He pulled it while I was leaning against a table. I fell straight down. From there I chased him and hit him. I still have back pain from that fall. Whenever I see him, I tell him it’s because of you. He laughs when he hears it. Then he will say sorry too, said Shweta Menon.

When she was in 10th standard, she heard that Kozhikode Nadakav had broken the wall of the police station.

‘I loved riding my bike. Dad had a bike. But my father will not teach only me. The rest of the cousins ​​will be taught. One day when my father was out, I took the bike and went down. I’m out of control. It was a holiday. I went straight and took the walker to the wall of the police station and hit it.


People in Kozhikode know. Nadakav police station is at a junction. Close to the signal. Think about it. I came straight and went inside the police station. After crashing I left the bike there. The policemen came and took me inside.

He asked who, what is his name and where is he from. I told them my father’s name and address. They called their father. I was sent straight home. And I don’t know what happened (laughter), said Swetha Menon.

Shweta says that her father was an Air Force officer and Pulli was very strict at that time. It was full of military rules. It was very strict till the age of 15. But my father is my best friend. “My father wanted me to become a pilot and join the Air Force,” said Shweta.



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