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Shraddha Walker Case: Shocking Facts In Shraddha Walker Murder Case: It is known that Shraddha Walker’s murder case in Delhi created a sensation across the country. The court on Thursday extended the police custody of the accused Aftab for another five days. The Narco test was approved. Shraddha’s body parts are yet to be found in this case. The knife used to dismember her and the mobile phone are to be seized by the police. Police say it will take several more days. Meanwhile, for two years, Shraddhawalker’s WhatsApp conversations and Insta chat show how much she has been tortured by her boyfriend Aftab Poonawala.

Shraddha Walker Case


As the investigation of evidence against Aftab continues, many shocking facts about his brutality come to light. Some pictures of Shraddha Walker have surfaced. It seems that in 2020, Shraddha was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for treatment. Shraddha and Aftab have been fighting for the past few days. Shraddha chats with her friend in 2020. “I can’t work today. Because yesterday my BP was low due to his heavy beating. My body aches. I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed,” she wrote in a WhatsApp chat and attached the photo. Her face with scar marks. The screenshots of the conversations are now with the Delhi Police. At the same time, she also did it in the hospital.


According to the police investigation, Aftab had tried to kill Shraddha earlier too. On 23 November 2020, Shraddha filed a complaint at the Nalasupara Police Station in Mumbai. Moreover, Shraddha also told her friends about this fight. When the police called Aftab to the police station, he threatened to commit suicide. Shraddha then withdrew her complaint. Now the Delhi Police is also investigating the case from this point of view. Shraddha’s friend made available a picture of how Aftab used to beat her badly. But Shraddha wants to survive despite all this.. She wants to live happily with Aftab. That’s why she is smiling even in that film no matter how many blows she gets. The wound marks are visible from the neck to the cheek.

Shraddha was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on 3rd December 2020 On 3rd December 2020, Shraddha was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. Shraddha was admitted to the hospital due to severe pain in her back. Shraddha was admitted to Ozone Hospital Vasai on December 3, 2020, after suffering from severe back pain for almost a week. Friends say that Aftab used to beat Shraddha.. and he also used to take ganja. A few days before reaching Delhi, on May 4, Shraddha accompanied Aftab to Vashishta Cave near Shivpuri in Uttarakhand. The cave is located on the banks of the river Ganga, and Shraddha made the final reels from there and posted it on social media.

Shraddha wrote in this reel that after traveling 1500 km.. at the end of the day she decided to go to this beautiful place to watch the sunset. Later on May 11, Shraddha posted a picture of herself at a cafe. In that photo, she said that she wants to explore more. This cafe is located in Himachal. The police may visit these places and investigate further as part of their investigation. According to Delhi Police sources, Shraddha thought to move to Delhi with Aftab. But Aftab was against being shifted to Delhi. Moreover. Aftab was mostly chatting on his phone. Aftab would give evasive answers when Shraddha asked who he was chatting with. Due to this, there were frequent fights between the two. It is learned that Aftab also went to Himachal and Uttarakhand in an effort to remove the distance between the two, which was created due to petty conflicts.

Shocking facts are coming to light day by day in Shraddha Walker’s murder case. Aftab Amin Poonawala, the accused in the case, told the interrogation that he was addicted to drugs, police sources said. Aftab seems to have told the police that after the fight, he killed Shraddha under the influence of ganja and did not do it on purpose. After murdering Shraddha at 9 to 10 pm on May 18, Aftab explained that he was smoking ganja cigarettes by the side of the body during the night. After the murder, Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and hid them in a 300-liter fridge. Later he dumped the body parts in the nearby forest and some other places. The Delhi Police has asked other districts of Delhi to share information about any body parts found in their area in the last few months.


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