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Shraddha Murder Case Aftab Ameen Poonawalla’s Police Custody Extended By 5 Days Narco Test Allowed: It is reported that Aftab revealed to the police that he first poured hot water on the body to make the body soft.. but then the geyser was not working properly.. so he went to buy a fridge on the 19th.. he bought a fridge.

The murder case of Shraddha Walker in Delhi’s Mehrauli area created a sensation across the country. Shraddha was brutally murdered by her boyfriend Aftab Amin Poonavalla. Shraddha was cut into 35 pieces and he himself admitted in front of the police that all those pieces were thrown in different parts of Delhi. Delhi Police has recovered 13 body parts so far. Now, these pieces will be sent for DNA testing.

The surprising thing is. Shraddha’s dead body was not only brutally cut and kept in a big fridge. After killing his girlfriend, without any fear.. he went out of the house and bought beer. Moreover. He sat in the same room and smoked a cigarette for a long time. After getting hungry, he ordered food from Zomato and ate it. After Aftab’s murder came to light, the demand for Aftab’s death sentence is increasing across the country. Hindu organizations as well as politicians are demanding the death penalty for Aftab.

Freeze found at home, water heating rod, vacuum cleaner
Police also found a new freezer, water heating rod, vacuum cleaner, and bleach powder from Aftab’s house. They were captured. During the investigation, Aftab told the police that he kept the blood and water in the house, thinking that the blood would go out through the drain while dismembering the body. He mentioned that various plans were made to prevent blood from going directly into the canal.

Bleach water to prevent the body from stiffening: Aftab heated a bucket of water in the bathroom with a water heater. Shraddha bleached different parts of the body to keep the body tight. Later on May 19, he continued to cut the body into pieces. This is done so that there is no problem while making the body parts.

According to the sources of Delhi Police, Aftab revealed to the police that he first poured hot water on the body to soften the body, but then the geyser was not working properly, so he went to buy a fridge on the 19th. Moreover, Aftab told the police that he had bought a water heating rod from the Chhatarpur area for hot water.

The police will first take Aftab to Gurugram tomorrow. From there the police will interrogate him along with other people including his old office boss, friend, and office boys. The police also called his friends to the police station.

Court permits narco test for Aftab:

When the police asked Aftab, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, to undergo a narco test, he agreed to the narco test. The court asked the accused whether he was aware of the effects of Narco. The accused then gave his consent. The police told the court that the accused Aftab should be taken to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh for questioning. The court also accepted the police’s application seeking permission for the narco-analysis test of the accused Aftab.

Aftab’s police custody extended for five days

Aftab, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, appeared in the Saket court through video conference. The Saket court extended Aftab’s police remand for 5 days. The police asked the court to remand Aftab for 10 days.

Aftab has 10 hours to cut Shraddha’s dead body

In the police investigation, Aftab said that the day after the incident, he took Shraddha’s body to the bathroom. He was cutting the dead body continuously for ten hours. During this process, he opened the shower in the bathroom and cleaned the blood from the dead body. The accused revealed that boiling water and bleach were also sprinkled on the pieces to prevent the body from hardening.


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