Shraddha Kapoor was seen wearing a lehenga on white sand in Maldives

The beautiful sea of ​​Maldives and the white sand on the sea shore… where the magic of the beauty of Bollywood beauties keeps going on. Maldives is the favorite spot of Bollywood celebs. Where stars like Disha Patani, Sonakshi Sinha and Bipasha Basu are seen and their bikini poses are very viral here. But this time the actress who has reached there is not seen in a bikini but in a lehenga and the name of that actress is Shraddha Kapoor.

Shraddha Kapoor is in Maldives

Actress Shraddha Kapoor shared a video clip on Instagram (Shraddha Kapoor Instagram) in which she is seen happily swinging on the white sand on the blue sea shore wearing a kilt. He is also wearing a very sea colored lehenga which is very beautiful. This lehenga of Sea Blue and White color looks quite beautiful on Shraddha.

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But the thing to think is that in the Maldives, where people change their colors and from where the very glamorous pictures of Bollywood celebs are revealed, what is Shraddha doing in a lehenga? Let us tell you the reason behind this.

Maldives has arrived to attend the wedding

Actually, in Maldives, Shraddha Kapoor’s cousin Priyank Sharma is having a destination wedding and Shraddha has reached Maldives to attend the same wedding. This is the reason that the actress reached the sea shore as soon as she got free from the wedding and made this wonderful video made in which Shraddha is looking very beautiful. Apart from this video, another video of Shraddha has come out in which she is seen in her cousin’s turmeric ceremonies. And the rest of his family members are also visible. That is, Shraddha is enjoying this holiday very much during her marriage.


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