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Shouldn’t Women Prostrate? Do You Know What Will Happen If You Do That?: Do you know how to do this prostration? Have you ever known what it means and what are its benefits..?

Devotees generally prostrate before God in temples. However, this Shastanga Namaskar is the best way to bow to Gods, Rishis, Elders, etc. It increases physical and mental abilities. Do you know how to do this prostration? Have you ever known what it means and what are its benefits..? If not, should women prostrate themselves..? Let’s find out here.

First, let us know the correct meaning of the word ‘prostration’:
Shastanga = Sa + Ashta = Anga. Here she means all, ashta means eight and Anga means body parts.

Ashtanga Namaskar is prostration using 8 parts of our body.

The eight parts of the body used for prostration are:

1. Two legs

2. Both knees

3. Two palms

4. Chest

5. Forehead

It means complete surrender to God by bowing down with devotion. Sanatana dharma, culture is the best tradition that we follow in our daily life even today while offering salutations, respect, etc. to God, other deities, gurus, and elders. Here we are advised to put aside our egos and surrender. Surrender ‘Sashtanga Namaskar’ with utmost devotion and humility. Not as regular exercise. It is the way we perceive ourselves. It removes ego.

Shouldn’t women prostrate themselves?

In science women are restricted from ‘prostration’. Because their chest area, stomach, and hips should not touch the ground. In the case of women, it is recommended to do ‘Panchanga Namaskar’ (salutation of five parts of the body). Because a woman breastfeeds her baby and protects the baby in her womb for 9 months. It should not touch the ground, because these are organs that can give life and growth. Another thing is that in the past, women used to get married when they got their period. Children were born every year since their marriage. Because of this, she was always breastfeeding Basuri for most of her life. There is also a rational reason why it is difficult to prostrate at this time.

When we ‘prostrate’ before the Lord, our body touches the dust of the feet of the ‘devotees’ who worshiped the Lord in that temple. Thus, equal to the number of dust particles that touch our body, we get a place to live in ‘Vishnu Lokam’ for years. The sins committed in a hundred births are removed. Prostration Do ‘Sashtanga Namaskar’ regularly every day to get maximum, optimal results.

Prostration should be done without any expectations. It is a symbol of complete surrender at the lotus feet of Sri Maha Vishnu. Prostration also destroys our ego. But it is not easy to get. It requires long-term devotion to Lord Vishnu.


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