Shooting From 2017, Thinking About What To Do Alone, Hounds And Runners To IFFK: Similarly, while writing the screenplay, it is not written in the format of scene one and scene two. Similarly, a decision was taken not to make a film without artwork. When starting to make films, well-known artists decided not to have an essential story. All to balance production costs. Athira Harikumar is playing the lead role in it. At that time, one or two artists were approached, but none of them were willing to do this character due to the uniqueness of this subject. Athira has played the role of Johnny Antony’s character’s daughter in the recently released Paltu Janvier. Athira comes in only five shots in total. All four shots are on the mobile screen.

The script is not in the usual format

I was shooting for it since 2017. I am very interested in the cinema, but I have no money. So I shot only when I got the camera in hand. None of the artists have met each other. But none of that was intentional. Many people said that they want to leave the film, this is how it has been going on for so long. I wasn’t ready to let it go.

I. F. F. K was my dream

After the movie was over, I showed it to my friends who were in the movie. I want to know if there is any problem with what I have done and if it has come correctly. I am very happy that the film has been selected. Sent to IFFI. IFFK’s platform is a big platform with participation. I am very happy that the film is reaching such a large audience. I did not think that I would be selected. I don’t have any big relationships. By choosing a movie with any great influence, we will not get genuine happiness. It is a joy that the film is coming onto a big stage.

At that time, the film was made by borrowing interest

The name of the gore category movie that he tried to do in 2013 is ‘My Name is Blood’. It was a time when there was no digital screening like Ott. It was a new idea at that time. That film was made by borrowing on interest. At one point, the production ran out of money. There were not as many opportunities then as there are today. There were no OTT facilities then. It was a film written by my friend Sumesh and directed by my friend Ratheesh, and I completely turned myself into the production, involving my friends as much as possible. Distribution was difficult back then and it cost a lot of money. I still owe it. Some interest will be paid when the works come in between. If possible, I think that the film should be brought to the audience through some ott platforms. Everything including subtitles has been completed for everyone.

The film is my profession.

None of my family knows the scale of film fests. They are people who watch movies on TV. Even after getting a visa to go abroad, they asked me to take the ticket forever. All that time I held back. I don’t know any profession other than cinema. Cinema is my profession and my life.


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