Shocked to hear the news of the death of Pakistani actress Jeba Bakhtiar Rajiv Kapoor ...

Pakistani actress Jeba Bakhtiar has worked in the Bollywood industry. Jeba has worked in the film Hina. Recently Rajiv Kapoor died due to a heart attack after which the entire Kapoor family gathered together. Jeba Bakhtiar is shocked to hear this bad news. Let me tell you, the film Hina was produced by Rajiv Kapoor. Along with being an actor in Bollywood, Rajiv Kapoor was also a producer and director of Kamal.

During an interview, he said, ‘When I heard this news, I was completely shocked. The news of his sudden passing made me very sad inside. I do not understand what to say at all. I am in touch with Randhir, who has suffered a lot in the last few years. He lost his beloved mother and also his brothers. He was an amazing person, he was very sweet, very sensitive and kind.

Further states that, in the production of the film Hina, we spent a lot of time together. I have a lot of memories. All the memories associated with Rajiv are full of joy and fun. They used to joke a lot with laughter which was enjoyed by all.


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