Shiv Sena has raised questions about the suicide of former CBI Director Ashwini Kumar as suspicious. Shiv Sena said that there is no questioning about Ashwini Kumar committing suicide in this way, it is a matter of surprise. The Shiv Sena has also targeted film actress Kangana Ranaut on this issue.

In the editorial of Shiv Sena’s Saamana it is written that former CBI Director Ashwani Kumar has committed suicide. The social, political environment of the country has become blurred by issues like rape and suicide. In such a situation, the hanging of Ashwini Kumar’s body in his Shimla house is a shocking incident.

Shiv Sena said that the person who has worked on the post of Chief Director of CBI, gets frustrated, there is nothing left in life and after getting frustrated with life, he commits suicide, on which all of us blindly believe, We do not agree with this. 

Ashwani Kumar was not only the director of the CBI, but he also became the governor of Nagaland and Manipur after his retirement. He was the Director General of Police of Himachal State. He did important work in the SPG, which takes care of the special security of prominent leaders in Delhi. Meaning they were stronger than mind and body and that is why the government entrusted them with special responsibilities. Such a person suddenly commits suicide and no one even questions, it is surprising.

Kangana Ranaut also targeted

Shiv Sena also targeted Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on the pretext of Ashwini Kumar. Shiv Sena said that Ashwini Kumar was really disappointed with life or there was pressure on her, on which the ‘actress’ currently living in Himachal should say something. Under what circumstances Ashwani Kumar had to commit suicide, this question should also be asked through the channels barking with consternation. The Sushant case is not a suicide but a murder, to prove that the people who put their full strength have some mystery behind the suicide of former CBI Director Ashwini Kumar, it is surprising to not be seen.

Where are the chestbands on Sushant now?

Shiv Sena said that Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in Mumbai. He was disappointed a few days ago. He started consuming drugs. Channels, BJP IT cell and their leaders brought many secrets in the Sushant case to Dhobighat. Seeing that mysterious film, ‘heroes’ like Hitchcock, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond must have been taken aback. Did not all these Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes children even know the mystery behind the hanging corpse of Ashwini Kumar? 


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