Shivaji Satam Birthday Special Actor Talk About Cid And Connection With Lata Mangeshkar

Today is the birthday of Bollywood veteran actor Shivaji Satam, who played ACP Pradyuman in TV’s popular detective thriller ‘CID’. He is 71 years old. In his long career, he played many types of characters in films and TV shows and won the hearts of the fans. He got more popularity than ever from CID.

Shivaji Satam revived his old memories on the occasion of his birthday and gave an interview to Hindustan Times. He told in the interview that his famous dialogue ‘Kuch toh ghod hai daay’ in the TV show CID was not actually prepared. This line came at a time when he was discussing a scene with the producers of the show.

This is how popular line came

Shivaji Satam said, “One day I was discussing the scene with him and he was thinking about starring. I asked him, ‘What happened?’ He said, “The way you were doing the Xplan. Now what you were telling by doing such hands. This is what I wanted. Will you do this? Can you bring this to the role of ACP? After this, Shivaji used it for the show and made history.

This is favorite meme

This line of the show is quite popular among the youth even after the show is off air. Many mimes are made on this. He takes it as a compliment from Shivaji. He also revealed that his most favorite meme is about to put the face of ACP Pradyuman in the Statue of Liberty.

Fans of lata mangeshkar show

Shivaji revealed that Swara Kokila Lata Mangeshkar is also a fan of this show. He told that Lata Mangeshkar had also invited the cast of the show to his house. He said, “For them, CID is like a family. We had dinner with them and their family. They gave us very beautiful gifts. Gave me a hand watch. I wear it with pride.”


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