Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra on Monday stressed the need to remain fit and healthy amid stress due to lockdown and other restrictions. The actress also highlighted the importance of keeping the body of any person safe from the effects of restricted movements.

Shilpa tweeted, “Lockdowns and other restrictions can cause a lot of tension due to increasing cases. But we have to stay united and do what we need to do. Most important is to make sure that we Requires that our own bodies not fall prey to the effects of restricted movements. ”

During this, Shilpa also used the hashtag Monday Motivation to encourage people.

Shilpa emphasized to keep the muscles and joints flexible and fit for our immunity and also described it as very important. Shilpa also told about how important yoga is for this and how it strengthens our muscles.

The actress exhorted people to stay safe and maintain social distance.


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