Individuals with BTech (engineering) degree cannot become Mathematics teachers (TGTs). The High Court has given the verdict justifying the refusal of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) to appoint a BTech degree holder to a teacher of mathematics. The Court said that to become a TGT of Mathematics subject, it is necessary to study Mathematics subject in all the years in graduation.
A bench of Justices Manmohan and Asha Menon said that mathematics is taught in BTech in one or two semesters. In such a situation, a B.Tech degree cannot be considered a Bachelor of Mathematics. The High Court also dismissed the petition filed by Subhashree Das. He had challenged the decision of KVS to refuse to appear in the interview on the basis of lack of sufficient qualification for TGT of Mathematics even after passing the written examination. The High Court refused to grant any exemption in qualification to become a teacher. Also said that this will affect the quality of education.

The plea of ​​the petitioner Subhashree Das was rejected outright, stating that the National Council of Educational Education has allowed B.Ed in 2015 on the basis of B.Tech degree. In such a situation, he cannot be disqualified from becoming a TGT of Mathematics by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. The petition stated that KVS did not have the right to do so. The petition also said that KVS had declared Central Teacher Eligibility Test and B.Ed compulsory qualification for this post. In such a situation, one who does B.Ed on the basis of B.Tech degree cannot be prevented from becoming a TGT of Mathematics.

NCTE’s directive not binding
High court has said that the petitioner has completely failed to state any rule stating that the criteria set by the National Council of Educational Education for admission to B.Ed course for all governments, institutions and organizations Be binding. The bench rejected the pleas of the petitioner, stating that many state governments have considered those who have done B.Ed. based on B.Tech degree as eligible for teacher appointment.

The court will not interfere, the
High Court said that the matter is related to the quality of education in KVS, where the high standard of education has to be met. The court said that where high standards of competence are to be established, the court will not interfere in such cases.

Recruitment in 2018 was
released by KVS in 2018. Petitioner Subhashree also applied in this. He had secured 83rd position in the general category in the written examination. However, KVS denied him the interview on grounds of not having sufficient qualifications. He filed a petition against this in the Central Administrative Tribunal. The tribunal also refused to interfere in the case. He then filed a petition in the High Court.


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