Shetty Gang Leader Who Captured Kannada To Malayalam: Aparna To Compete And Act, The Poster Of The New Movie Is Exciting: Raj B has made waves in Kannada with films that are different in theme, performance, and making. Shetty to Malayalam.

Raj B will be seen in Rudhiram directed by debutant Jisho Lone Antony. Shetty is coming to Malayalam. The title poster of the film has been released.

Raj B. National award winner Aparna Balamurali will play the lead role alongside Shetty in the film.

A car, a puppy, and a girl catch the attention at first glance in the mysterious Rudhiram poster. The poster also features a vague figure of a man. The poster, which has hidden many things, has already become a topic of discussion. The poster is accompanied by the caption ‘The Ax Forgets, But the Tree Remembers’.

Raj B. Sharing the poster, Aparna wrote that she is very excited to act with Shetty sir. In response to this, Raj B said that he was equally happy to get a chance to share the screen with Aparna. Shetty also said.

Raj B. The audience is hoping that Shetty and Aparna’s film will give them some great acting moments.

Raj B is a star who captivated the audience as a director and a great actor with the films Ondu Moteya Kathe and Garuda Gamana Rishabha Vahana. Shetty.

Rishabh Shetty, Raksha Shetty, and Raj B are the new wavers in Sandalwood. Shetty is also known. Raj B is the leader of this Shetty gang. Shetty.

Under the banner of Rising Sun Studios, V.S. Rudhiram is made by Lalan. The film is being made in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

Director Jisho Lone Antony and Joseph Kiran George are scripting the film. Mithun Mukundan, who gave a fresh musical experience with Roshak, is composing background music for Rudhiram. Sajad Kaku is handling the camera and Bhavan Sreekumar is handling the editing.

The crew of Rudhiram; Creative Producer: Shabir Pathan, Executive Producer: Vincent Allappat, Art: Shyam Karthikeyan, Poster Design: Katha, Production Controller: Richard, Sound Mix: Ganesh Marar, Associate Director: Abru Simon, Makeup: Sudhi Surendran, Costume: Vidhanya Balakrishnan, .FX Supervisor: Anand Shankar, Action: Ran Ravi, Finance Controller: M.S. Arun, Line Producer: Aveena Films, PRO: A.S. Dinesh, Stills: Rahul M. Satyan

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