Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspokenness. She puts her point on every issue on social media. Recently, Kangana targeted Deepika Padukone on World Mental Health Day. Now Sherlyn Chopra supported Kangana and said that these people blow the goods and shout slogans of depression.

Kangana had tweeted, “We created for Mental Health Awareness, which was dragged into the court by people who run depression shops.” The name of the film was changed after the media ban, which affected its marketing a lot, but it is a good film and watch it today.

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Sherlyn Chopra retweeted this tweet and wrote, ‘Kangana ji, rightly you blow these goods and shout slogans of depression and push the young generation of the country into darkness. Does the laborer who works in the morning and evening to earn two days’ bread do not have depression? Should we start consuming goods to get relief from depression? ‘

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Earlier, Deepika Padukone was summoned by NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) for questioning after the drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput case. During that time, Sherlyn Chopra taunted Deepika. Sherlyn had tweeted- ‘If you do not consume the goods then why the need to consult 12 lawyers?’ He further wrote that those who speak the truth do not have panic or anxiety attacks. Where there is fearlessness, there is no place for fear and dread.



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