Sher-e-Kashmir Agriculture University has prepared three new varieties of basmati in Jammu, farmers' income will double

Jammu: While farmers in the country have been agitating against the new agricultural laws of the central government for a long time, the farmers of Jammu are working on ways to double their income these days. Actually, Sher-e-Kashmir Agriculture University Jammu has prepared three new varieties of basmati in the state, after which the income of the farmers will be doubled.

Dayaram and Shailendra Kumar, farmers of RSpura in Jammu, famous for the world famous Basmati rice, used to grow the world famous Basmati number 370 in their fields, thereby raising their families. But, with the changing times, many problems had started in Basmati number 370 which grew here, due to which these farmers were upset.

Looking at the problems facing the farmers, research was going on at Sher-e-Kashmir Agricultural University in Jammu for the last several years. This research was being done to prepare a new crop of basmati, so that the problems that farmers like Dayaram and Shailendra Kumar are facing, do not become a problem. In order to increase the income of farmers and to bring good basmati rice to the people, this university has prepared new varieties of basmati 118, 123 and 136. A research by Sher-e-Kashmir Agricultural University Jammu has found that the yield of this new variety of basmati is around 45 to 50 quintals in 1 hectare, while the basmati 370 being sold at present is also at 20 to 25 quintals. Ha.

At the same time, according to Dr. GP Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of Sher-e-Kashmir Agriculture University, 25 percent of the total production of the farmer is of seeds. According to him, in view of this, the university has given 12 advanced varieties, including paddy, vegetable pulses and walnuts, to the farmers. According to him, by using the new variety of crops, not only will the crop of the farmer get ready soon, but there will be no impact on the quality of the crop and with this the income of the farmers will be greatly increased. Shere Kashmir Agricultural University claims that in the next Kharif crop, they will be transported to the farmers and farmers can double their income by planting this crop.


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