Sheetal On The Scene In Jayahe: He Said You Don’t Act, Just Stand Still, I Got The Point When I Saw The Movie: Jay Jay Jay Jay Hai is a film directed by Vipin Das starring Basil Joseph and Darshan Rajendran.

The director also addresses a very serious subject throughout the film, while igniting laughter.

Another feature of Jayahe is that every character in the film has their own identity. There is not a single character in the film who seems to have just appeared on screen and gone.

Actress Sheetal Zakaria appeared on screen as the sister of Rajesh, who played Basil. Sheetal has played the role in a good way.

Sheetal says that the director told her not to act in some scenes in the film. In an interview with Behind Woods, Sheetal says that she did not understand why at that time and only understood later after watching the movie.

The scene is being shot where Rajesh comes home, gets angry, closes the door, and goes into the room. I am standing near the door. I put on an expression on my face when Basil got angry. Then Vipin Chettan came near and pointed his finger at the forehead and said you don’t move here. Then he said not to move his face and not to turn his head. And when I asked what I should do, I was told to just stand still. So I just stood there. I did not understand why it was said then.


Raji is a character that is not expressed at all. It was only later that I realized that if I had done all the expressions, the character of Raji would have changed and become expressive, said Sheetal.

Similarly, they are shooting the scene where they hear some noise from outside their room and go to their mother and say that the problem between them seems to have changed.

I am standing in the hall. All of them are standing in the kitchen area with a screen. When I was done with this I called cut. Just then they all heard loud laughter from there. Then it felt like the scene was set, said Sheetal.


Sheetal said that Darshan and Darshan are full-time fans on set and base and they demotivate each other saying that you don’t know how to act, but they are good friends.

Basil and Darshana are incredibly supportive. Everyone is like that. Both of them did the fight scene with tremendous hard work. Still don’t know how many laughs there were on set. Sheetal also says that she struggled to stop laughing after seeing some of Basil’s expressions.

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