Sheela In Appan Said That She Should Have Acted With One Thing In Mind And Another Outside, Alencier Said That It Is Not Easy For Women: Apple is a film directed by Maju with Sunny Wayne, Alencier, Grace Antony, Ananya, and Pauly Wilson in lead roles. The film, which is set in a family background, is being discussed in a big way on social media. The director has given exact shades to each character in the film. Each of the stars has done its parts brilliantly.

Actress Radhika has played a very important character named Sheela in the film.

The film moves in a different direction from the time Sheela comes to Appan’s house. The story ends with Sheela. Radhika tried to bring a difference in the look and look of the character and in interacting with people.


Radhika is talking about some briefing that director Maju gave her before reaching Appan. In an interview to Popper Stop Malayalam, Radhika says that before taking each take, she would go to Maju and ask him how to do it, and he would act it out and show it to her.

‘ I would memorize the script first. Later Maju will go to Chetan and ask what I should do. He will show you. I have imitated the same step. There is one point I have always been confused about. Sheela’s character shows something different from the mind. I didn’t know how to act with one thing in my mind and another on the outside. It was very difficult,’ when Radhika said, ‘Oh never, isn’t it terribly easy, isn’t it easy for girls?’ was Alencier’s reply.

Radhika then said that she had to act in a way that expresses one thing in her mind and another on the outside and Maju Chetan himself helped her.

Before each scene, he would explain why they were reacting this way. Including things done in the past. Such great inputs were given. We will feel it. It should be like this inside. It will be understood that it should not be shown outside. I was actually delivering Majuchetan’s modulation on my sound. He would have shown it including body language.

Sheila will not cry. I have seen some women like that in real life. They don’t cry when they talk to us about the biggest crisis in their lives. Their stories are told like a story. When I see such people, I wonder how they can be so strong. I had observed some such people, says Radhika.



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