It is generally said that what happens is for good. But what was good in the last one year is not understood. People got away from them, people became unemployed and under compulsion had to do what they had never thought even in their dreams. A similar story has come out of Suchismita Rautray . Which was part of the industry for the last 6 years. Who played the role of Assistant Cameraperson in many of the big banner films, got a chance to work with the big stars. But 2020 changed her life so much that today she has been forced to sell street street momos.

Mumbai came 6 years ago
Suchismita had a dream of becoming a cinematographer and she had come to Mumbai six years ago with this dream. He started working in the industry as an Assistant Cameraperson and it was his luck that he got an opportunity to join many big banner films in the early stages. Brahmastra adorned with stars like Multistarrer Kalank, Amitabh Bachchan-Emraan Hashmi’s face, Zee 5 web series Aakattan Chatkan, Ranbir Kapoor. But as soon as 2020 started, the life of Suchismita was eclipsed. Suchismita has told a media house that if the industry closed in lockdown, then his income also stopped. Gradually the accumulated capital began to run out. Alam was this, he did not have any money left to go to his home in Orissa. But as soon as she arrived home. And even after going there, an economic crisis was in front.

Today she is running home by selling momos

Suchismita, who had lost her father at an early age, and her mother now had problems in fulfilling their daily needs. Eventually they decided to sell momos. And now behind the camera, Suchismita, who dreams of the right but bright future, roams the street and sells momos.


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