Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with shagun getting up. She says so sorry, i don’t realize how i got here here. Shaurya says don’t worry, we will rectify your mistake. He asks kitty and bebo to drop shagun to her room. Alok says wait, she is our guest, observe her state, she may additionally fall down. Anokhi says i don’t suppose she is in excellent country, she will rest here. Tej says you men decide this, we have a few rasams in the morning, all of us has to wake up early the next day. He goes. Aastha says shagun just got this room inside the massive house, you aren’t going from here, its their wedding night. Shaan says shaurya and anokhi are worn-out, they want rest. Shaurya asks kitty and bebo to take shagun. Shagun says a person spiked the mocktail. They say loosen up, its your now not mistake, this will were your room if shaurya didn’t marry anokhi. Shaurya scolds them and says simply anokhi may be your bhabhi. Shagun falls at the bed. Anokhi asks shagun to rest. Alok says excellent anokhi, you understood shagun is our guest, everybody else is scolding her. Shaurya asks anokhi could you send shagun to guest room now. Aastha says we will send lemon water for you. Anokhi says we will name a doctor for her. Shaurya says true idea, i’m able to name a doctor. Alok, kitty and bebo take shagun. Anokhi says i fear for anokhi. Kanchan jokes on anokhi’s innocence. Aastha asks them to take rest. Kanchan teases them. All and sundry leaves. Shaurya says you decide now what changes to make on this room, i ordered a ebook shelf for you. He asks anokhi is she considering shagun.

Anokhi says no. He asks what’s the problem, take a seat. She says devi has told a visitor… she tells the entirety. She says i want to hold my research. He says i recognise my own family may be rigid in this, but i promise, their thinking gained’t come among the route of your success, lets listen of ourselves now and not waste time. She smiles. He gets near kiss. She says wait, marriage turned into executed by using filling sindoor in 70s fashion, why don’t we’ve got a suhaag raat in 70s style. He says you suggest milk glass and all. He seems round and says there’s no milk glass. She puts up a ghunghat. She asks him to just lift her ghunghat. He says pleasant, as you are saying. Antique song performs… they chortle. She adjustments and comes with the milk glass.

Udi udi…. Plays…. They dance romantically. They romance. Its morning, shaurya looks at anokhi. She wakes up and smiles seeing him. He says its a good feeling to look you early morning. She says its 10am, you didn’t wake me up, i need to study recipes for first rasoi. Shaurya says its first-class, just be with me. Kanchan comes to call them. Anokhi says we have become ready. Kanchan says anyone is ready. Shaurya asks don’t any cooking, make whatever. Anokhi says i didn’t prepare dinner for lots people. He says you could be given large undertaking, that is a small factor for you. She says yes, spouse has to accept all the challenges, while we each were given married, we both need to cook dinner. He thinks to depart, else he’s going to have to cook.

He says you’re questioning proper, i will take shower and come. She says i’m able to cross and take the shower first. He says we are able to take bathe together, we can keep time and water. She says no and smiles. She goes. Anokhi receives geared up and comes downstairs. She comes to kitchen and thinks its a large kitchen. She takes devi and gayatri’s blessings. She says sorry, i woke up overdue, i were given bit late. Devi says its too overdue, the whole thing should be completed on mahurat. Anokhi says really sorry, i’m able to take care. Devi says breakfast is ready, however you want to look the lunch menu, we have it unique, we’ve the whole thali installation. Kanchan says i will help anokhi. Devi says kanchan, you don’t don’t forget your first rasoi, what does it suggest. She says no one will assist anokhi.

Precap: the family dines. Anokhi says i should additionally deal with my checks. Tej asks what’s the want, you’re our bahu, girls don’t work after marriage in our own family.


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