Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aastha contending with Devi. She leaves. Babli says you will get what’s yours when correct opportunity arrives, it will be the awesome. Vineet comes tanked and sings. Anokhi says disclose to him that occasion got dropped. Babli says indeed, right. Anokhi says I will go along. Shaan says Shaurya didn’t return home, did you converse with Anokhi. Aastha says no, did you call him. He says no, I would not like to upset him, I didn’t converse with Anokhi, she had shown me a mirror, she asked numerous things. She tells everything. She says I had no solutions for her.

Babli goes to Vineet. He is accessible as needs be. He says I will pay the cash. The man allows him 24 hours time. Vineet says my better half’s occasion is going on, I will take cash from her and pay you. Babli comes and asks how was your day. He says incredible. Babli says I needed to disclose to you something. Anokhi says the occasion got dropped, we will not get cash for it. He reproves them. He asks how might we take care of the lodging bills, accomplish something. He goes. Babli stresses. Anokhi thinks Vineet looked frightened, why. Kanchan says whom will I get some information about Shaurya. She sees Anokhi. She asks did you converse with Shaurya. Anokhi says no, I got my faculties, whatever was ordained has occurred. She leaves. Shaurya calls Kanchan. She answers and asks where are you, how are you. He says fine. She says I met Anokhi, she looked annoyed, call her once, we are in inn, you likewise come here and converse with her. Vineet hears this.

Devi and everybody is stressed for Shaurya. Devi says Anokhi is making him away, I feel frightened. Tej inquires as to why, did you do anything incorrectly. She says I feel Anokhi and Aastha… He asks don’t you confide in yourself, for what reason are you frightened today. She says don’t have a clue. He says yet I know, you stepped through much exams of him, each mum thinks her child is a precious stone, yet jewel can likewise break by pressure. She says no, I didn’t do that. Shaan looks on. Alok says I concur with Devi. Tej admonishes him.

Tej says Shaurya isn’t a child now, you ought to have enlightened him concerning commitment, for what reason did you take him in front of an audience and stun him. Devi says I had no alternate method to stop him, possibly he would have proposed Anokhi before everybody, would we bring that young lady as bahu. Tej says don’t do anything currently, leave this. She asks how might I do this. He says you need to utilize your brain in youngsters’ matter. He goes. Shaan takes a gander at Shagun. Devi says I need to carry somebody to detects. Shaan asks Shagun are you fine. She says indeed, I m fine.

He says Shagun, it will not be simple for you, that commitment is occurring or not, whom does Shaurya love, I totally comprehend. She expresses profound gratitude, I thought nobody is irritated for me, you are supporting me, you ought to clarify him good and bad, I guarantee once I wed Shaurya, I won’t ever let him be, he will not have to remain alone like you, I didn’t imply that. He says its alright and goes. She thinks sorry to hurt you, there would be numerous contrasts among me and Anokhi, I realize which to show whom, Anokhi has lost this game. Anokhi cries reviewing Shaurya. Paas aaye… plays… She gathers her sacks.

Precap: Anokhi says everybody is stressed for Shaurya, don’t have the foggiest idea where he left, even Shagun came to ask me like I have covered up him. Shagun goes to discover Shaurya. Anokhi says where did he go this time.


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