Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Anokhi saying I know nothing. Babli sees Vineet coming. She signs Anokhi. She says ask Shaurya, at that point I will design the enrichments. Anokhi says I will call him and inquire. Vineet asks will you work the entire day. Babli says we are getting paid for work. He says indeed, yet you folks didn’t appreciate here. Babli requests that he appreciate well. He says I will appreciate, end the work and go to the room. He goes. Anokhi says reveal to him that you went here for the wellbeing of I, not work. Babli says he took steps to call father, I will reveal to him that occasion got dropped, we will go to room now. Tej requests that Devi call a specialist for Shaurya. Shaan and Aastha come. Tej stops Devi and says let him do his unrealistic, we will see him later.

Shagun opens the entryway and says Shaurya took meds and dozed. Shaan says its OK, we will in any case meet him. Shagun says sure, advise me in the event that you need anything. Shaan and Aastha see Shaurya.

Devi says in the event that Shaurya knows, don’t have a clue how might he respond. Shagun says you need to cause him to acknowledge this. Devi says I likewise need this. Shaan comforts Aastha. She says sorry, assuming you upheld me that time, … . you need to help Shaurya this time. Shaurya reviews Anokhi. Devi says I need to consider something. Shagun says I have conditioned Anokhi, she will not come in his life again, I revealed to her the genuine justification our commitment breaking, Anokhi won’t ever think to make such a trade off. Devi grins. Aastha asks how could you concur for their commitment. Shaan says I didn’t have any acquaintance with it. Aastha says its incident as Devi needs, its off-base, somebody needs to advise her, don’t allow this to occur with Shaurya. Shaan says I don’t need Shaurya to become Shaan, assuming Shaurya and Anokhi join today, they will become Shaan and Aastha, I don’t need Shaurya to long for Anokhi as I longed for you.

Aastha says its excessive that their story likewise closes like our own, Shaurya and Anokhi are totally different, Anokhi came here, Devi didn’t permit her, yet she sat outside and sat tight for him, Shaurya was oblivious… Shaurya says Anokhi… . He gets cognizant. Shaan says you didn’t rest, we thought you are dozing. Shaurya asks did Anokhi come to meet me. Aastha says indeed, I got her inside the house. He asks who didn’t let her meet me. She says Devi didn’t allow her to come in. He gets up. Shaan requests that he stop. He takes Shaurya to Devi. Devi insults Aastha. Shaurya staggers. He says you destroyed my rest. Tej inquire as to for what reason are you conversing with her like this. Shaurya says ask her. Devi says you figure I will do whatever’s not bravo. Shaurya says I never comprehended what you did. Tej chides Aastha. Shaurya says she didn’t do anything, its about Anokhi.

He asks Devi not to lie, similar to she said Anokhi didn’t come to meet him. He says you have misled your child. Devi says I won’t say that, truth will not change. Tej says assuming she didn’t stop you, you would have left to meet her around there, would you stay safe, you are accusing her, you are questioning her. Devi says don’t utter a word Tej, let him say whatever is ringing a bell. She says extremely sorry to hurt you, my expectation was rarely off-base. Shaurya says I don’t comprehend, whatever occurred with Anokhi wasn’t right, what might she think about me. Alok says when she came, you were oblivious, would you ask her for tea or espresso, she didn’t stop, she contended with Devi and left. Shaurya says fine, I will proceed to ask her, for what reason did she come, I will get a lucidity and get harmony. Alok requests that Tej stop him.

Shaurya says I need to go, else I can’t pardon myself, for what reason do I feel that all of you have arranged something despite my good faith, for what reason did all of you come to Goa abruptly, Devi didn’t ask me and chose my commitment, Devi has rights, yet I additionally have a few rights. Shaan and Aastha look on. Shaurya says I had arranged a great deal, its all finished, perhaps I don’t merit that opportunity, its fine, however no one will stop me today. Tej says I generally disclosed to Devi that Shaurya isn’t a child now, we shouldn’t ask him where he goes, however I m advising you, you will not go anyplace, go to your room and rest, you took drugs, you don’t have faculties, I can’t release you in this state. Shaurya says I m sorry, I can’t hear you out today. Tej says you think well. Shaurya says I m in my faculties, sorry, I need to leave. He leaves.

Anokhi eats panipuris. She says I wasn’t so powerless. Babli says you have turned solid. Anokhi says Aastha and Shagun ought to get the credit. Babli says fail to remember them. Anokhi says it is anything but an end, its another beginning for me. Babli asks would you like to meet Shaurya. Anokhi reviews Shaurya. She says there is a lot to say, however I can’t do this, he will see my sentiments, I don’t need him to see it. Babli asks are there still sentiments. Anokhi says don’t stress, I won’t lose my way, my examinations and vocation are very demon, love isn’t made for me, I m not made for adoration.

Precap: Anokhi says don’t have the foggiest idea where did Shaurya go, everybody would be so stressed, Shagun came to ask me. Shagun asks where is Shaurya. Anokhi says I don’t have the foggiest idea.


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