Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with babli pronouncing i m sorry, i scolded you on hearing approximately marriage, i recognise you need to assist me, if i agreed for marriage, then it would be compromise, no longer love. He says yes, lifestyles is incomplete with out love, i just wanted you to live best. She thank you him for understanding. He says thanks for explaining me nicely, anokhi and you are very strong. She smiles. He says i recognise you’ll be an amazing husband,

if we don’t have any love, then this friendship will also quit, i don’t need to lose a chum like you. He says i additionally don’t need to lose a friend, and this precise food made by using you.

She smiles. Anokhi says i will miss you plenty. She asks ahir to attend to babli. Ahir says don’t worry, i will continually help her. Babli asks do you actually need to head lower back to kapurthala. Anokhi says sure, dad stated he will take delivery of my every decision. Shaan says talk to shaurya as soon as. She says there’s not anything to speak. Shaurya comes and says i have so much to talk.

Anokhi says i don’t want to move lower back to that house. Shaurya says i decided to come with you. Ahir says i’m able to’t take this drama extra, anokhi, shaurya had come to take my assist and got this investigation extra. He recollects shaurya’s words. Anokhi says it way you depended on me. Shaurya says sure, trust will constantly be there. Anokhi hugs him. Everyone smiles. Devi asks alok to go away the residence forever.

Alok asks what are you announcing. Tej says sure, your mistake made us lose the call, you don’t remorse a piece, prevent your drama, better leave this residence and family. He says you aren’t a board member of the institute now. Gayatri shuts the door. Alok knocks the door.

Devi says we must observe our errors additionally, tej, we need to alternate our questioning. Tej nods. Shaurya says we can live our life our manner, far from circle of relatives. Anokhi says i didn’t need this, you don’t want to pick out either people. Shaan says that is vital as a way to live satisfied.

Tej and devi come. Tej says shaan is proper, we have come to express regret. He asks shaurya to return home, they’ve ousted alok from the house. Devi apologizes to aastha for preserving shaan and her away for many years. She says we can’t go back the past, but you can spend the relaxation of your existence happily. Shaan says you don’t want to express regret, its sufficient that you realized it. Aastha says he’s proper.

Tej says then come lower back home, we each will try to trade regularly, we will erase this stain from our questioning completely. Shaurya says i will go wherein my anokhi goes. Anokhi says you came to take me, i m very glad but i don’t want to move back to that residence, really, its about self esteem. Shaurya says if her selection is final, then my selection will be identical, sorry.

Shaurya and anokhi leave. Devi and tej go back domestic. Tej sees the rotis. He says roti need to be spherical, i continually made little problems and didn’t think about the actual issues, today i m sitting by myself to dine while i’ve a huge own family, anokhi and shaurya stated right, traditions have to exchange with time, its imp to alternate it, i can change it myself, guys always had food first after which bahus, from today, we all will sit together and dine. Gayatri and kanchan smile. He asks them to sit. Shaurya and anokhi come domestic. She asks did you begin without us.

They get surprised. Shaurya and anokhi take their benefits. Devi says you both came back home. Shaurya says sure, how can one go away one of these properly own family. Shaan also comes. He says aastha desires to inform you something. Aastha comes. She asks can i get a few area for your hearts. Devi says genuinely yes. Tej says we have simply learnt that elders additionally make mistakes, i also made a mistake, my wrong decision and questioning have troubled you plenty, can you forgive me. Aastha asks him no longer to make an apology.

She says all of us will have a new begin now. Devi says but on one circumstance, you have to come right here as shaan’s wife. Anybody smiles. Shaan says you just spoke my heart. Anokhi is going to kitty and bebo. He says i can’t pressure you to like me, you can just forget about a number of my flaws. They hug. Devi says anokhi came domestic and brought happiness. Anokhi says we shall have food. Shaurya says i can serve the meals and make rotis. Tej says wait, rotis must be spherical. They snicker.

Anokhi says earlier than we have food, we will take a selfie. All of them take the rotis in hand and take selfie. Its morning, anokhi wins a trophy. The girls get satisfied. Shaurya claps and congratulates them. He says put together for the next competition. He stops anokhi. He says i advised you regularly that you shouldn’t move faraway from me, in few months, you received’t be seen in this school, your commencement will occur.

She says sure, however you need to see my face all the time. He says i agree, do you take into account our first interplay, whilst we met within the library for the first time. She says we fell in love right here. They consider their moments. He says we got married here. She says then we had many fights. He says because you are very stubborn. She says go away my hand, you had been so boastful. He asks honestly. They laugh.

He says our life changed into filled with all feelings. She says particular. They say shaurya and anokhi ki kahani. They hug and dance. Jo tera hoga…. Performs….

The show ends on a satisfied be aware


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