Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with alok guffawing. Tej stares at him. Alok says extremely good, is this your evidence, its bogus, you made a mimicry artist speak in my voice, its no longer my voice, they are trapping me. Anokhi asks why will the scholar trap you, voice clip authenticity can be validated, don’t lie now. Reema says if you lie, then we are able to go to the police. Priyanka says i don’t want to go to the police, if alok offers a written apology, then i’m able to stop the problem here. Tej scolds alok. Alok says i didn’t do anything. Shaan says we recognise anokhi by no means lies, you did this element, you have to accept it and make an apology. Shaurya says i doubted my anokhi, i stood towards her to help you, what did you do, consider priyanka’s feelings. Alok asks why are you making me a villain. Tej says sufficient, shaurya, make alok write an apology for them and us additionally. Alok says pay attention to me, i received’t give an apology. Shaurya says you need to provide it, else i’m able to get towards you. Shaan says think you are alone on this combat, we received’t be with you. They all cross.

Anokhi says we’re supporting you because you confirmed braveness, many girls lose braveness in this case. Anokhi talks to babli on name. She says i m satisfied that priyanka will get justice soon. Babli asks her to do her duties as a bahu. Anokhi says sorry, i couldn’t pay attention to your situation. Babli says ahir is with me like a assist system, the society secretary took the eviction notice lower back. Anokhi says superb. Door bell earrings. Babli says i’m able to communicate later. She ends call. The society secretary and acquaintances come to congratulate. Babli asks what’s the news. They say your and ahir’s marriage. Babli gets shocked and looks at ahir. Alok says that girl is lying. Devi asks will that girl make faux voice recording. Alok says sure, i swear on you. She stops him. Kitty and bebo say dad were given insulted because of anokhi. Alok hugs them and asks do you accept as true with me. They are saying yes, we’re with you. Tej says alok will get punished, but i received’t permit anokhi stay right here who receives against us always. Shaurya says you are venting anger on the wrong man or woman, what’s anokhi’s mistake here.

Tej says she may want to have defined that woman, she ignited hearth through the spark. Anokhi says i supported priyanka, her self belief might have damaged all the time, i don’t suppose i did something wrong. Shaan says alok has got us insulted right here. Alok says i didn’t do some thing. Tej asks him to close up. He says anokhi should have handled it every other manner. Shaurya says the most effective manner to tell the reality is say it, she came to tell us, we denied the blame, if alok typical the blame, then this would have not occurred. Devi asks him is it vital to take anokhi’s aspect usually, we are your family. He says i remorse that i didn’t take her facet before, whilst she blamed alok, i ought to have believed her, its the largest mistake of my existence. Tej says if you don’t mend her approaches, then it is going to be hard for us to stay below the equal roof. He goes. Ahir explains babli. She asks how did you assert, what’s the need to lie, i m going. He asks how are you going to go leaving me and this house, please sit. He gives her water. He says think about me, concept isn’t always bad, you’re unmarried, i m additionally single, we stay collectively, we apprehend every different.

She says i understood what you suggest to say, i notion you’re distinct, your questioning is special, however you proved me wrong, your thinking is likewise like dad and vineet, you furthermore mght think that i don’t have any help, you want to help me by marrying me, you didn’t do proper. Ahir says i didn’t mean that, concentrate to me. She goes. Shaurya apologizes to anokhi. He says your truth received, my perception lost. She says i m sorry, i didn’t assist you. He says simply i will apologize nowadays, you shop your sorry. She says no one can tolerate this blame along with his member of the family. He says you pay attention to me, i’m able to ask for forgiveness, i m sorry. She says i don’t want a sorry, but a hug. He hugs her. He says don’t feel bad of tej’s words, allow his anger calm down, i m sure he’s going to understand your factor of view.

Anokhi says i m involved for gayatri, kanchan, kitty and bebo. He says alok ought to have concept of this, we are able to simply help them. She says thank you for information me. He says thanks for explaining me. Its morning, alok involves the university. Every body stares. He is going to the cabin. Shagun comes and asks are you high-quality. He says yes, you believe you studied the identical. She asks did you try this or no longer. He says no, anokhi is trapping me with that priyanka. She says besides, i don’t care, i’m able to take your side, i’m able to’t see anokhi winning in shaurya’s sight, she proved me incorrect constantly, if we have to trade this sport, we ought to do something of that priyanka, whatever i do, it’s going to clean your photo, it will smash anokhi’s photograph. Shagun meets priyanka. She says i m happy with you, come to me, i’m able to assist you. Priyanka thank you her. Shagun maintains priyanka’s phone there. She asks did you report the talks while you told this to anokhi. Priyanka says sure.

Shagun says i allow you to with scholarship. Priyanka says it is going to be large assist. Shagun says a board member is ready to assist, sit. Anokhi says i m going for the class. Shaurya says bunk the class, come with me. She says idea is right, however college director shaurya is strict, he will suspend me. He says he is rude, he need to understand its love. She laughs. They’re referred to as inside the board room by using tej. Shaurya asks what’s he matter. Tej says shagun has known as us, there’s every other attitude in alok’s rely. Shaan asks her to mention. Shagun says there may be any other truth. She shows priyanka’s signed letter. She says she wrote that anokhi compelled her to do all this, anokhi asked her to entice alok. All of them get greatly surprised.

Precap: tej says percent your bags and simply depart forever. Anokhi says i’m able to move, however i need to meet shaurya once. Devi says he didn’t return domestic, he is so ashamed, just go. Anokhi is leaving.


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