Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anokhi announcing i’m able to’t forestall them. Reema asks anokhi are you coming, decide, you’re saberwals bahu now. Shaurya stops anokhi. He asks how are you going to assist them, reflect onconsideration on the circle of relatives, if this count number is going ahead, then we will lose our family recognition. Anokhi says i recognize i m your wife, but i m additionally a scholar of this school, being a lady and a human, its my responsibility to be with them. She joins the girls and protests. Shaan says if the protest is going ahead, then media may be involved, perhaps alok has to express regret. Tej says we will talk later, come. They go away. Ahir and babli see the owner. The person says we’ve given you this residence because you’re a policeman, however acquaintances are complaining approximately you both, you depart this house quickly. Babli says i will go away this house, ahir is just helping me. The man says depart this house quickly. He goes. Ahir says unusual, he has threatened a policeman. Anokhi comes home. She sees gayatri disturbed. She says i understand you’re disturbed, you could proportion your emotions, vent your anger, i received’t sense awful. Devi shouts hearing this. She scolds anokhi. Anokhi says we need to support the girl, being ladies.

Devi says you don’t forget about your duties. Anokhi says i’m able to keep my obligations, but i can’t forget the difference between right and incorrect, i will by no means aid the incorrect. Gayatri cries and goes. Anokhi says you may punish me, but i won’t depart this war midway. Babli packs his luggage. Ahir asks wherein will you go. Babli says vineet received’t permit me stay in peace, i will visit kapurthala and stay here until i arrange a pg. He asks will vineet decide for us. Babli says i don’t need human beings to comment on your person. He says humans has a piece to speak, don’t worry for my popularity, i will provide an explanation for the society secretary. He maintains her garments lower back in the cupboard. Anokhi says i heard what you have got informed to alok within the assembly, he instructed him which you consider alok, i also agree with priyanka.

Shaurya asks when did i say which you shouldn’t consider her, or she is lying, however alok can’t do that. She says in any case, you live along with your believe, i can have the reality, handiest then we are able to stay right here. He asks if your fact is wrong. She says then i’m able to satisfied to mention sorry, what in case your perception is incorrect. He says don’t recognize, i m feeling sleepy now. Its morning, the women protest. Shaurya and shaan say we need to prove alok’s innocence. Alok says anokhi must forestall the women, however she is doing wrong. Tej says you have no control to your spouse, go and explain her. Shaan says we know that she gained’t flow returned. Shaurya says i’m able to speak to her. He goes out and prevents the girls. He asks anokhi to come and talk to him. Anokhi says no sir, you’ve got to speak right here itself. He asks am i able to communicate to my spouse. She says we can talk at home, i gained’t go from here. Kitty, bebo and friends come to protest towards anokhi.

Anokhi says i m just supporting the fact. Reema says she is assisting priyanka. Anokhi says i m fighting this for you all. Society secretary says we will’t take the eviction letter, either babli has to head, or you each depart. Ahir says you are believing others. The man says its the reality, you are dwelling with a person’s spouse, just married couples or bachelors are allowed in our society. Ahir says clearly, its a pinnacle mystery, i m marrying babli next week. The person says if that’s the case, then i’m able to take the letter back, ship the wedding invitation card. Ahir says you may get many guests along. He thinks what to tell babli now. The media comes there and asks anokhi approximately the perpetrator. Anokhi says its not imp to recognise the call, we’re speakme to the management. Tej and anybody appearance on. Shaurya scolds the journalists. He asks them to depart. The media leaves. Shaurya shouts on the girls. Anokhi says we didn’t invite the media, protest will move on. Shaurya says what’s all this, enough, prove alok responsible, do you have got any evidence, he has his aspect of story. Alok says sure, what’s the proof, i didn’t do some thing. Anokhi says we’ve got a evidence. She asks priyanka to provide the telephone. She performs the audio recording. Every body receives greatly surprised. Tej, shaan, shaurya and each person study alok.

Precap: everybody tests priyanka’s letter. Shagun says she said that anokhi compelled her to trap alok on this depend. Shaurya receives greatly surprised.


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