Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with kitty and bebo protecting themselves. Shaurya scolds them. Anokhi says i had checked the schedule well, i understand you don’t like me, i can’t tolerate the sort of prank about studies. Kitty says you may ask shagun, we had been together with her the day gone by. Shaurya says i known as her, don’t worry. Shagun comes. They ask shagun to say that they didn’t do whatever. Shagun thinks they would have advised me in the event that they did this, however i can’t take their facet. She asks them to express regret to shaurya if they did something. Shaurya asks is she saying incorrect, if i look at then… anokhi says no need to discuss, its done. He says as soon as all the assessments get over, we can communicate approximately this, you men have had it if i am getting to recognise some thing. He leaves with anokhi. Kitty and bebo get dissatisfied with shagun. Shagun says i m to your aspect, we ought to live in their accurate books, i understand you both didn’t do that, who did this. Kitty says don’t know what punishment can we get. Shagun says no, we are able to go domestic and inform the fact to circle of relatives. They go away. Shaurya and anokhi are at the way. He stops the car and asks why are you disillusioned. Anokhi says one paper can get make my average much less. He asks her to vent her frustration, till then he’ll wait outside. She shouts. He smiles. She angrily tears the question paper. He comes back. She says it changed into a silly concept. He makes her smile. He says i try this after i have to lighten my heart, i like you.

She says i like you. They leave. They come home. Alok asks how dare you blame your sisters. Shaurya says they ruined anokhi’s exam. Tej says you forgot how to talk on your sisters, you scolded them, you said you’ll explain anokhi, did you are saying that to fool us. Devi says you believed anokhi, did you notice the schedule, maybe anokhi has seen incorrect. Shaurya says i consider her, she will’t be incorrect. Shaan says devi is right, did you check agenda earlier than accusing them, you have to be careful. Shaurya says i consider anokhi, what’s the need to check schedule. Anokhi says i didn’t make any mistake, i checked agenda two times. Alok says you could’t make a mistake, you are perfect. Anokhi says you may test my pc in case you need, a person has modified it. Shaurya says we can test the schedule now and find out whose mistake it’s far. Anokhi is going and gets the computer. She asks them to peer the schedule. Everyone assessments it. Anokhi and shaurya check. Shaurya thinks psychology is written on it. Anokhi asks how is that this feasible, i had seen economics written. Alok remembers changing the schedule again. Tej asks shaurya won’t you inform something to anokhi. Anokhi says i don’t recognize how this occurred. Alok says you made a mistake, you provoked shaurya in opposition to his sisters. Anokhi says i didn’t provoke. Shaurya says permit it’s, i assume you didn’t checks time table well due to marriage stress. He apologizes to kitty and bebo. Bebo says you continually discover us incorrect.

Kitty says this isn’t always carried out. Anokhi says i m sincerely sorry, perhaps its my mistake, don’t misunderstand shaurya. Alok scolds gayatri. He says its precise that the whole thing got proved on time, but shaurya could have were given his sisters rusticated for the sake of his wife. Shaan says i informed you to test the basis of the matter earlier than blaming anybody. He asks shaurya and anokhi how can they try this. He says i hope you gained’t try this once more. He goes. Shaurya receives disillusioned. Anokhi comes and asks are you disillusioned with me. He says no. She says there have to be no secrets among us. He says high-quality, i m bit upset. She says forgive me, i m nonetheless careworn, this in no way happened with me. He says human beings make mistakes, its k, it became embarrassing, i depended on you, i shouted on kitty and bebo. She hugs him and says i m sorry. He says its ok, human beings get blind in love, you didn’t see agenda. She says sorry. He says take rest. She says yes, i’m able to look at and sleep, its final exam, i must supply my first-rate. He says yes, just test the schedule nicely.

Alok says shaurya did incorrect, he scolded my daughters, he’s going to blame us additionally. Tej says its about anokhi’s insanity for profession, she shouldn’t get time for examine. Devi says its her closing examination, i can teach her bahu’s obligations and obligations. Tej says provide an explanation for her quickly, else you could lose shaurya. Anokhi and shaurya come domestic. She says subsequently, i m free, second yr were given finished. Shaurya says she turned into so excited that she become shouting all the day. Shaan asks how turned into the paper. Anokhi says actually exact. Devi says right, now your exams were given over, i’m able to educate you the house responsibility. Anokhi says sorry to interrupt, its my very last yr, i carried out for a job of teaching assistant in siac, i’m hoping that my application receives time-honored.

devi scolds anokhi. Tej says anokhi, your marriage came about days returned, you want to do a task. Shaurya says i don’t assume, devi and tej are completely incorrect.


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