Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with anokhi announcing i understand you stated that to put off devi’s words, thanks for information me and doing plenty for me. He says thank you for know-how. She gets coffee for him. He thanks her. She says sufficient of thanks. He says i was feeling sleepy, how do you recognize. She says i m your wife, i recognize your desires. He says yes, i wish humans ought to see which you are definitely the nice. She says you realize it, that’s sufficient for me, pleasant are shaurya and anokhi, each. He says you have got tests, focus on that. Anokhi says okay. He says all of the exceptional. Its morning, anokhi wakes up. She says i fell asleep, what is going to i do now. Shaurya wakes up and greets. She says i must pass and make breakfast. He says permit kanchan deal with it. She says no, devi will feel terrible, i m getting late, please. He says first-rate, i will pick out your garments. She says something you want. He says i will give my shirt. She kisses him and is going. She is going and prepares breakfast. Devi comes and asks did anokhi come. Anokhi greets her. She says i’ve made parathas, i was making salad for you. Gayatri and kanchan smile. Devi says cut the onions for omelette. Gayatri says i’m able to do. Devi says i m talking to my bahu, do i come between you and kanchan. Anokhi says its k, don’t worry, i’m able to cut it. Anokhi cuts the onions. Devi is going out and stands there to see anokhi. Anokhi research and does the work at the equal time. Anokhi gets tears because of the onions. She will be able to’t see the ebook truely. Devi smiles.

Anokhi eats bread. Kanchan asks what’s the new trick, your tears aren’t coming. Anokhi says i heard it from rama, when you consume bread even as cutting onions, we gained’t get tears. Gayatri asks anokhi to go, they are able to control. Kanchan says move and do the revision well. Anokhi smiles and asks devi shall i am going. Dev nods. Anokhi goes. Gayatri says anokhi will bypass in each exam. Devi says no want to provide an explanation for me. Anyone wishes kitty and bebo for his or her examination. Shaurya says its anokhi’s exam also, desire her also. They want anokhi also. Anokhi says aastha had to cross back to kapurthala. Shaan says she made a video name. Aastha says i’ve to mention all the first-rate to anokhi. Shaan says she become lacking you, communicate to her. Aastha needs her all of the pleasant. She asks did anyone feed you curd sugar. Kanchan receives it and feeds it. Anokhi says i m taking the pen you gave, i can use it properly. Aastha asks shaan to take care. Shaurya and anokhi take benefits. They arrive to college. Reema compliments anokhi. She teases anokhi about shaurya. Anokhi says i used to be studying all night. Reema asks why are you wearing economics e book. Anokhi says its economics examination.

Reema says its psychology exam these days. Anokhi asks what. Devi asks alok what did he do, anokhi studied and went to present the examination. Alok says it become imp, her study gained’t help her. He laughs and recollects anokhi’s words. He changes the exam time table. Tej and devi chortle. Tej says she can get a big surprise. Shaurya asks what, psychology exam. Reema suggests the schedule. Anokhi says i checked it nicely, i didn’t examine psychology, just 10mins left, i can take a look at, i’m able to’t fail in final checks. Shaurya asks her to loosen up. He motivates her. He says you labored difficult all of the year, you don’t get afraid whilst its about psychology, concept gained’t trade, you didn’t get time to revise, there’s a consider value, after i take a look at students’ papers, i don’t see how a whole lot they wrote it from the e book, however how a great deal they understood it, its simply an examination, the world isn’t going to stop, so loosen up, its quite simple, simply try whatever you know first. She says you’re proper, i was panicking for no use, sorry, i understand few things.

He says i m positive you know a lot. She says sorry, its final checks, don’t provide lecture, i understood. He says go and make me proud. She asks for aastha’s proficient pen. He gives it. He desires her all of the best. She goes for the examination. He receives the question paper. He says anokhi might realize the primary answer easily, however 2d one has technical phrases, she can do it, true, she can get ninety% without problems. Anokhi comes and says it was bad, but i gave my nice. Shaurya says you will additionally say the same, but that paper will be the first-class. Anokhi asks how is it viable, how can time table exchange, i had checked two times, economics turned into written. He says it method scheduled changed, perhaps someone did this. She asks who could do it. He calls kitty and bebo to his cabin. Anokhi says i don’t think they did anything. He says we will recognize.

Precap: shaurya argues with devi and alok. Anokhi gets the laptop and indicates the schedule.


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