Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In Assam’s election campaign, once the video of the Congress wrong picture, a video has made the party gritty. In fact, the Assam Congress used video clips of a mock drill in Jharkhand and used it as a video of the incident of the killing of 5 people during a protest in protest against the amended Citizenship Act in Assam. Introduced on.

Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has described the state Congress unit as a “fake news factory”. The Assam Congress unit shared a 2.47-minute video released last Thursday. In a two-minute video, the voiceover was saying that 5 people were killed during anti-CAA demonstrations, while the video allegedly shows the police firing on the crowd.

According to the Fact Check article published in December 2019, the video is about the mock drill drill of police in Jharkhand, which was shared by many Twitter users stating police firing during anti-CAA protests. The same video has also been used earlier, stating the police firing in Kashmir.

Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote on Twitter, Congress has become a fake news factory. Anyone can tell how they have used a mock drill video of Jharkhand describing the Assam Police firing. However, the Congress did not take any time to reply.

The Congress has responded to Sarma’s tweet saying that you are trying to mislead the issue, but would you deny that 5 innocent people were killed during anti-CAA protests. Will you deny that hundreds of people were injured due to the apathy of the government.


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