The location of planets is very important in astrology. The sight of planets from a place greatly affects the Kundli dosh. Nine planets are studied in astrology, out of which seven planets have vision. In these seven planets, everyone has a seventh vision, but three planets have two more visions in addition to the seventh. These planets are Mars, Jupiter and Shani (Mangal guru and shani).

Vision of Mars Mars has three views. Mars has fourth, seventh and eighth vision. The sight of Mars gives mixed results. The sight of Mars gives auspicious results by reading on his friends. Its sight becomes inauspicious after falling on enemy and sinful planets. The sight of Mars falls on Saturn and becomes the most terrible.

Jupiter’s sight

Jupiter has three eyes . They have fifth, seventh and ninth vision. The sight of Jupiter is as holy as that of Ganga water. It makes the house and the planet it falls on auspicious. Even inauspicious yogas become unfruitful from their sight, but Jupiter of Capricorn does not give auspicious sight.

Saturn’s vision

Saturn also has three views. It has third, seventh and tenth vision. The sight of Saturn is destructive. It destroys the sentiment and the planet it falls on. If the sight of Saturn, Sun and Mars are at a disadvantage. The sight of Saturn makes the auspicious yoga also auspicious.


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